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The Dark Pictures: Little Hope PS5 Version Full Game Setup 2022 Free Download

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope PC Version Full Game Setup 2022 Free Download

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope PS5 Version Full Game Setup 2022 Free Download


Five in the city, not counting the driver

The second part of the anthology of “interactive films” The Dark Pictures, called Little Hope, according to all the laws of the right continuation, should have at least slightly taken into account the experience of all the medium works of Supermassive Games that followed the hit Until Dawn. Like Hidden Agenda, like Man of Medan, there were not enough stars from the sky, but in the niche of projects in such an underestimated style of gameplay, there were not so many analogues, so they played what they had. Did the developers manage to fix something? History – rather, yes, but here’s the rest …

However, the perception of the plot is a very subjective thing, as well as the assessment of the idea of ​​any horror film. Someone likes scary tales about abandoned ships and the survival of teenagers in a confined space, someone likes stories about the persecution of witches and mysterious girls who bring misfortune. The synopsis of the game is as follows: a group of students, accompanied by a teacher, has an accident in the vicinity of the forgotten town of Little Hope and suddenly encounters a series of mystical events and coincidences that force the group to learn about the terrible past of the settlement and themselves. Little Hope was based on stories about the times of witch hunts in the USA, but its difference from Man of Medan is also that this story in its epilogue from the usual horror movie is pleasantly transformed into a kind of psychological thriller.

But it presents this very plot and pumps up the atmosphere of Little Hope as cheaply as its predecessor. If Until Dawn, despite the completely similar “slasher” nature, convincingly caught up with passive horror in itself, then The Dark Pictures still prefers to stupidly bombard players with screamers on the case and without, but really peppy and spectacular QTE here are only a couple of pieces. In other words, this horror with a periodic test for reaction turned out to be not at all scary, and not so hot how demanding on the speed of the fingers. However, there were some pleasant moments in history, just in a humorous, and not frightening way: a grandfather who went a little on a bicycle is something.

Alas, troubles with the head turned out to be not one, but the majority of the local characters, which eventually begins to annoy. The heroes are not only stereotyped and devoid of charisma, they also know even less about logic than their colleagues from the Orang Medan ship. Even if all decisions are made strictly following the call of common sense, the authors will more than once find a reason to send the player’s palm into a rapid flight towards the face. For example, what do you think a forty-year-old professor, who had previously been in a terrible car accident, lost his driver and encountered a mystical fog, will do when he finds himself in an unfamiliar abandoned bar with a muddy dark-skinned old man? That’s right, play darts. Of course, the brain carefully suggests that this is just a gameplay convention, a mini-training in shooting and hand-to-hand combat, but in the same Until Dawn, this was arranged much more beautifully and more logically. And such moments really hurt the suspense, making the atmosphere deliberately stupid and frivolous, although the characters themselves periodically allow themselves to hypocritically state something like: “Oh my God, I don’t want everything to be like in these stupid horror movies!”


The Dark Pictures: Little Hope PC Version Full Game Setup 2022 Free Download

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope PS5 Version Full Game Setup 2022 Free Download

In addition, the characters have a system of archetypes that Little Hope insistently proposes to change, in other words, to educate their wards. And this is even justified by the plot, but the mechanics only drives the player into the already narrow framework of the narrative. No matter how much you save a certain hero, or show miracles of reaction during action scenes and other things – if you don’t develop the traits that the authors planned in the ward, in the end you will lose him, which is simply not entirely fair.

However, artificial restrictions and periodic failures in the script and logic are not so bad. Like Man of Medan, Little Hope again drives us into the realm of hopeless darkness and dull colors. It would seem naive to demand otherwise from horror, but for some reason Until Dawn managed to indulge the audience with bright colors and a variety of environments. All Little Hope has to offer is dimly lit monotonous forest paths, stretches of highways and the same type of abandoned houses, adding one more to the list of uncomfortable questions for the game – why does it take up so much hard drive space?

However, no matter how disappointing the general verdict suggests itself, the main thing should be recognized – Little Hope is interesting to go through to the end, even if all the answers to the questions turn out to be quite obvious in the end. The local story is more interesting than the ghosts of Man of Medan and, despite the frank attempts of the five main characters to screw it up with their stupidity, it attracts attention until the very end. Keeps the screen and the main concept is the same sufficiently exciting interactive thriller in which the player is allowed to influence some moments and even indulge in the fate of selected characters within the overall storyline. Interest, at least on the first playthrough, is guaranteed for singles, couples, and even small companies in a special “movie party” mode. True, it should be borne in mind that the more people there are,

And the main decoration of Little Hope and The Dark Pictures series as a whole, perhaps, still remains the Guardian – a suspiciously aware of everything, cynical and very well-read character, destroying the fourth scene and bringing a little more bright colors to the graphic and intellectual richness of the game in direct and figurative sense. Although here I want to add a fly in the ointment – Peter Stormare in a similar role in Until Dawn looked more convincing.

System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows 10 64bit.
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3470 or AMD FX-8350.
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM.
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti or AMD Radeon HD 8570.
  • DirectX: Version 12.
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection.
  • Storage: 80 GB available space.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope PS5 Version Full Game Setup 2022 Free Download

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