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SpellForce III: Soul Harvest PC Version Full Game Setup 2022 Free Download

SpellForce III: Soul Harvest PC Version Full Game Setup 2022 Free Download


Grunt, spit and securely glue with adhesive tape

Even true fans have to admit that for all its coolness and ambition, SpellForce 3 was packed full of all sorts of problems. In some places, the interface, customization and gameplay suffered, and in some places the ubiquitous nasty bugs interfered. The world of Eo was visually better than ever in the series, but the stones on the road to a brighter future broke all the wheels of this wagon, and the game did not turn out as it deserved to be. Fortunately, a year after the release, an independent Soul Harvest add-on was born, designed to fix everything that didn’t work, even if this required a completely different plot and a separate “execute”.

Let’s start with what immediately catches the eye. SpellForce 3 in Soul Harvest has become even more visually prettier. Textures have become more responsive to light rays, and some surfaces now attract all the attention with their believable brilliance. This is especially felt in the dwarven dungeons, where the walls are made of processed stone and illuminated by torches and braziers. And this is praise against the backdrop of the already excellent graphical embodiment of the original SpellForce 3. Each location, although created through a local editor, but with a maniacal love for the details of the environment: vines, small pebbles, every blade of grass, every brick chipped off by time from the old wall. Any map of the entire current trilogy (the original and two add-ons, the second of which we will talk about separately) is a visual art, and maybe even almost the perfection of its style. In Soul Harvest with updated graphics, it feels even stronger. Some of the scenery migrated here from the last game, but something (the same giant mushrooms with spreading hats) was drawn from scratch.

However, the old authors also had to redraw and finish drawing. Each unit has now become noticeably different from its counterpart in another class, so that the player can tell by eye in the heat of battle who and where he is. This is especially important when it starts to kill dozens of units in a narrow passage. The authors may not have wanted to, but they were forced to take such a step. Firstly, there are more races (dwarves with dark elves have been added to humans, orcs and elves) and, as a result, tactics – so the player needs more microcontrol. Secondly, each side has added aircraft – one flying attacking unit per side (plus some were given a bonus flying unit carrier). Thirdly, each class of units now has some kind of unique active ability, and the player also needs to take this into account when the massacre begins.

But not only units had to be redrawn. With the previous interface, drawing would not have pulled out all the ideas, because the player would not be able to use all this. So the authors shoveled the scourge of the original SpellForce 3 from scratch. In the original, each of the four heroes was supposed to have three active abilities scored on certain keyboard buttons: the first – QAZ; the second – WSX; third – EDC; fourth – RFV. Such a distribution, firstly, greatly limited the development of the character (in fact, he had much more abilities), and secondly, it killed the ability to use standard strategic hotkeys, such as, for example, A – to go and attack everyone along the way . It was damn uncomfortable, and all the more joyful that everything has changed in Soul Harvest. Now all the abilities of the heroes are focused on the general skill bar and are activated with the F1 – F12 buttons, plus part of the skills can be transferred to a spare panel, turned on by the “tilde”. In addition, by pressing Alt, you can pause the game and select an ability from the radial menu. Well, the standard left side of the keyboard is now, according to the classics, given over to strategic commands. Wow, right?

Least of all alterations touched the dialog boxes, but they also got it. Now the non-important lines are always green and at the bottom, while the plot lines are always orange and at the top. Exit dialogs no longer flicker up and down depending on who your character is talking to, but always at the very bottom and grey. But the main thing in the dialogues is that now the replicas can be called by numbers on the keyboard, which did not appear in the original even after three years and several patches.

In a word, the game has become as loyal to the players as possible in both the RPG and RTS components. For convenience, caravans were even cut out of the gameplay, which drove resources between captured points. Everything, there is no more of this. If one base produces, say, clay, then it immediately appears in all camps. The only thing that has survived is the delivery of resources to a specific building where they are required, but this is still much faster.

The two new races are good in their own way. Dwarves don’t need wood to build when stone is available. They collect wood immediately in the furnace and turn it into coal to create and pump units. And dark elves feed on murder. Each defeated unit leaves behind an echo (soul), which is used by the gatherers for magical rituals. Otherwise, the differences are minimal, you can figure it out almost immediately.

If we forget about the gameplay and look at the plot, then in itself it is two times shorter than the original, but this does not make it worse. The main character screwed up a lot in the past, and therefore was surprised when the ruler returned him to the service, and even ordered to understand the global conspiracy. Now he must assemble a team consisting of him and five other pre-written characters, and literally save the world. You can also manually create a couple of characters, although walking with them is not so interesting – after all, plot personalities can insert something thematic according to the circumstances and react vividly to changes in the plot. But the gameplay of making off-plot mercenaries is a fun activity in itself thanks to the new leveling system. Each hero, crafted or standard, has two skill trees. Standard characters have branches already selected by default, and for manually created branches, the player chooses from nine schools that never contradict each other, allowing you to insert literally any combination. It’s easy to create a demonologist-lightbender or a druid-necromancer! Moreover, due to the combination of schools, the characters have new unique abilities.

However, let’s get back to the plot and talk about its main disadvantage, if not critical. For him, alas, for the most part, the same locations were used as in the original SpellForce 3. Some have become heavily cropped, but these are exactly the same places … still no, lies, this is not the main minus. The main disadvantage is that you will be told at least two completely inappropriate stories about gay gnomes, and one of them will be in the main plot and connected with the character of the main story of SpellForce 3. It is difficult to imagine a more tortured and so crookedly inserted “agenda”. And it’s good that the rest of the claims to the story really do not.

Moreover, the authors even learned to raise the stakes and increase the scope. The last forty minutes of the game is a series of powerful fights with bosses, sometimes with the help of four heroes, and sometimes with the help of an army, but with much more tactical and very resource-limited gameplay. If you don’t break ten sweats in this test, then consider yourself lucky. The rest just want to wish you good luck.

After the end of the story, it is absolutely not necessary to immediately pounce on the second addition – you can find other entertainment in Soul Harvest. The Oktoberfest map was added to the skirmish mode for free, where a hero with completely different pumping trees (both related to beer consumption) needs to stop the festivities and mayhem on the thematic map. Once this is very, very fun, so pay attention.

Well, fans of the series and all other fans of the genre who missed this last year’s add-on, I just want to wish you to fix it as soon as possible, because here you will find both a party-based RPG and a base-building RTS – only made equal and brought to mind, which means that they are mandatory for your table.

System Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7, 8, Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 3570, AMD FX-6350.
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM.
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB, AMD Radeon 7850 2GB.
  • DirectX: Version 11.
  • Storage: 51 GB available space.
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible Sound card.

SpellForce III: Soul Harvest PC Version Full Game Setup 2022 Free Download

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