Learn How to get free level 50 character boosts in Lost Ark

Learn How to get free level 50 character boosts in Lost Ark

get free level 50 character boosts in Lost Ark: A bit-by-bit manual for getting two free person helps in Lost Ark utilizing the Vern Power Pass Token. Lost Ark is without a doubt perhaps of the most well-known game delivered in 2022 hitherto. Created by Smilegate and Amazon Games,

the Western send-off has seen a few issues yet players are as yet flooding the universe of Arkesia, stepping up their characters (and program) as far as possible.
In the event that you haven’t played Lost Ark a ton since its send-off, you probably won’t be familiar with a method for getting free person helps. In this aide, we give bit-by-bit directions on the most proficient method to get two free Lost Ark character helps (to even out 50) utilizing the Power Pass.

The most effective method to get free Character Boosts to 50 in Lost Ark

By basically playing the game up, Lost Ark players can get two free person helps, with more accessible to buy by means of the in-game store with Royal Crystals.

To open your wallet for Lost Ark Character Boosts, then, at that point, get two for nothing by following the means underneath.

  • Reach level 50 with a character.
  • Complete all the North Vern’s storyline quests (marked in blue).
  • The final quest is called Ealyn’s Gift.
  • Complete Ealyn’s Gift to receive a Vern Power Pass item.
  • Use the item via your inventory to get a free Character Boost in Lost Ark.
  • Check your in-game mail for a second Vern Power Pass token. 
  • Activate the second token to claim another free Character Boost.

Since you have two free Lost Ark Character Boosts which you can use to step up a person to even out 50 in a split second, just head to the primary screen and select a person. Click the Power Pass button to enact the lift, which is situated at the lower part of the personal choice screen.

Note that you can replay bits of the principal story with the supported person (to get a few unique prizes) or just skirt this part.

So that’s it, a moderately simple method for getting two free person helps in Lost Ark. We suggest trying out the various classes prior to utilizing your Power Passes, so you pick the person that accommodates your playstyle.

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