Learn How to defeat the Mantis Lords – Hollow Knight

 defeat the Mantis Lords – Hollow Knight: This is an aide that gives supportive tips and things to pay special attention to while battling the Mantis Lords in Hollow Knight.

Environmental elements

The main period of the battle will be with the Mantis Lord that is situated in the center. At the point when the battle initially starts walls will descend catching you in the field. On the two sides just underneath the walls, there will be a pit of spikes. (Its essential to try not to hop in these)

The First Phase

During the principal stage, you will stage the center Mantis Lord. All the Mantis Lords have similar three assaults, excluding a couple of special cases like change in the area, left or right, combos, Ext.
In this guide, I will refer to the three assaults as: “Run Attack”, “Downwards push”, and “Wall Attack”.

Run Attack

Run Attack

The Mantis Lord run assault is the point at which the mantis will drop down to the floor and run evenly across the battling stage by the same token: Left to right, or right to left. To keep away from this assault, essentially get around the mantis when it comes close. At the point when the Mantis Lord completes his scramble, there will be a short time frame period where you can hit him 1-2 times.

Downwards Thrust

The Downwards Thrust assault is the point at which the Mantis Lord Appears over your last area and pushes downwards on you on the off chance that you stay there (The Name is plain as day.) The assault can be kept away from in the event that you basically move or run away from it. At the point when the assault is done, you can get 1-2 hits off.

Wall Attack

The wall assault is the point at which the mantis shows up on either the left or right wall in one of two positions and tosses a projectile that goes from his area to the next wall, and back once more. The two places that the mantis can be in are: High or low. His position matters since this let you know how high or low the project will be tossed. In the event that you know how high or low it is tossed, you can act in like manner by one or the other bouncing or not hopping. The Mantis master’s elevated place seems to be this and assuming he is in this position he will toss the projectile high which implies you don’t bounce.

The Mantis ruler’s Low position seems to be this and when he is in this position the shot will come low which implies you should bounce. (Whether the mantis is on the left or right wall doesn’t make any difference.)

Finishing stage one

The supervisor will continue onward through his equivalent 3 actions until you ultimately hit him enough times that he withdraws back to his toss. During this time try to mend yourself with the spirits that you have assembled. Make a point to just mend yourself during this time since you can not do it during the battle in both of the stages.

The Second Phase
During the second stage, you will be battling the two leftover Mantis Lords simultaneously. The battle will be turbulent so it is vital to as needs be investigate their moves and actions. The two Mantis rulers have similar three assaults as the first, however, these two can utilize their move simultaneously to make lethal combo assaults. One of the combo assaults they will perform is a scramble assault from the two sides. This assault is not difficult to counter, yet it should be finished at the right time.

The Double Wall Attack

The Double-wall assault has two structures, One where the two shots will go towards the center, a little then returned the manner in which they came, and another where the projectile will catch at a high point and afterward bend back along the edges to strike you at the center. To keep away from the main wall assault stay towards one or the other side of the stage and when one-shot draws near; get around it and towards the center. To keep away from the subsequent wall assault stay on the stage and hold on until the shots circle back towards the center and basically get around them at the right time.

Finishing of Phase two

Chances are you will most likely lose one of the two mantes not simultaneously as the other. So when you rout one mantis simply keep on battling the last mantis-like you battled the first mantis that you looked at in stage one. When all mantis’ are crushed they will bow and return to their high positions and the battle will be finished.


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