Vampire Survivors update 0.8.0 adds relic mechanics

Vampire Survivors update 0.8.0 adds relic mechanics

Vampire Survivors update 0.8.0: The last relic intended for the roguelike game’s roadmap, introducing a new gameplay concept, will be included in the upcoming Vampire Survivors update 0.8.0, due on July 7.

Initial patch notes have been released by developer Poncle for Vampire Survivors version 0.8.2, which is expected to be released on July 7. As part of the upcoming patch, players can expect an improved version of the fifth and last level of the vampire RPG as well as the final relic, which introduces a new gameplay concept.

There were five “relics” included in Poncle’s first roadmap for the roguelike game, which are pickups that may be gathered and permanently added to all subsequent runs. The first of them is the Milky Way Map, which, when gathered, opens the game’s map in the pause menu. More than five relics have previously been introduced, but Poncle’s latest is the final one to do so, and it’s believed to bring a new gameplay aspect to the table – which should be welcome news if you’re becoming bored with your finest Vampire Survivors setups.

In addition, a “new version of stage five” is hinted at, which, if finished successfully, will return to the prior version and add one additional arcana (of the remaining six planned in the roadmap). The game is also adding another tiny relic that serves as a compendium of sorts, allowing players to access opponent info from the main menu.

As a new feature for 0.8.0, players may now choose to have the coin bag or the floor chicken automatically select itself whenever they are leveling up. Banished things now have a visual reminder, and unlocked unlocks may be filtered out of the list to make it easier to keep track of what you still need.

Patch 0.7.3, which included a furniture-tossing guy and a tree, completed the game’s intended roster of 24 characters. “Who am I fooling, there’s no way that I’m not going to add a few more features before version 1.0,” Poncle developer Luca was cited as saying in the press release for 0.7.3.

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