New Denuvo DRM technology promises to crack down on DLC pirating 2022

New Denuvo DRM technology promises to crack down on DLC pirating 2022

New Denuvo DRM technology: Developers may save money by avoiding DLC theft using a new kind of Denuvo DRM technology that is currently in use. It is claimed that a new form of Denuvo DRM technology would help stop the piracy of DLC files.

The program, dubbed Denuvo SecureDLC, is already incorporated for customers utilizing Denuvo anti-tamper and reconfigures the platform’s API to prevent assaults and prevent unauthorized access.

Managing director Reinhard Blaukovitsch stated in a news release that Denuvo has become a one-stop-shop for game producers to secure the safety of their game against cheating, tampering, and piracy and to safeguard the gaming experience. We’re glad to support our current clients—large and small—maximize income while also enabling new business models for the games they’ve put so much time and effort into developing.”

When it comes to upcoming DLC releases for titles like Resident Evil Village, we can safely assume that Sega, Capcom, and the rest of the usual suspects have already included this feature or will in the near future.

In the gaming community, Denuvo has a poor rap for breaking games, and that rap is well-deserved. Denuvo DRM’s high CPU requirements hampered the PC release of Resident Evil Village, which was already a stuttering disaster. However, the severity of Denuvo-related issues varies from game to game. We suggested that Capcom’s own DRM would have reacted negatively with Denuvo in Resident Evil, for example.

Although it may sound like expanding DRM protection to cover add-on material may have its own set of troubles, Capcom addressed the issues quickly and hopefully, they won’t be game-breaking. Often.

We’ve put up a list of the top gaming PCs for 2022, whether you need a new machine to deal with Denuvo or simply because.

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