World of Warcraft has reintroduced rare transmog helms for Prime Gaming

World of Warcraft has reintroduced rare transmog helms for Prime Gaming

Blizzard has been offering subscribers to the commerce giant free Blizzard game content for a long time now. With World of Warcraft’s collecting features, it’s easy to see how the two go hand in hand. New tchotchkes are constantly being introduced by Blizzard to keep the collecting bug alive and thriving in MMO games like World of Warcraft.

Transmogrification originally appeared in Cataclysm more than a decade ago, and it rapidly became a major part of any collector’s cabinet of curiosities. You may spend hours running around ancient raids and dungeons looking for the ideal piece of clothing to complete an outfit, and it provides Blizzard even another revenue stream by selling transmog goods through their site.

Often, these limited-edition goods are only available for a short period of time or as a reward for pre-ordering or subscribing.

Amazon Prime’s ongoing partnership with Blizzard has resulted in the resurrection of three previously released transmog helms from 2013: the Jewel of the Firelord, which features a flaming, horned crown; the Hood of Hungering Darkness, a shrouded cowl; and the Crown of Eternal Winter, which features a crown of eternal winter and is ideal for Rogue or Hunters.

“Is this a rehash of past material?” As you say, “What a cop-out,” I hear you. Collectors beware, they were removed from sale in 2019. If you’re a die-hard transmogrified who missed out on Amazon Prime because you were either broke or didn’t play at the time, you might be persuaded to join the Bezos Spaceship Fund today.

Collection-crazed players may be salivating over a community request that would let you ride their pet pets, or they may be anticipating the return of the swole Murloc mount in Dragonflight.

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