first Halo Infinite campaign co-op flight is finally happening

first Halo Infinite campaign co-op flight is finally happening

The first Halo Infinite campaign co-op test is on the way for Halo Insiders, and it’s providing the possibility to replay campaign missions as well.

343 Industries is making work on Halo Infinite campaign co-op and announced the first campaign co-op test flight, planned to begin July 15. 343 revealed the announcement in a blog post, where members of the development team outlined some of the features we can anticipate, like shared world states, how progress transfers over for everyone playing, and just how much freedom you’ll have playing the FPS with pals.

How Halo Infinite campaign co-op works

Progress carries over for everyone in Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op, regardless of who the squad commander is, and it’s a flawless process. You don’t require a separate co-op save the file, and if your buddies find a collectible during your co-op session, it counts as if you found it.

“I could be playing a Solo campaign, hop into a Co-Op session for a few hours, then go back into Solo play and all the mission progress, acquired items, equipment found, achievements achieved, and upgrades are done in either session would stay intact,” campaign lead designer John Mulkey stated.

There’s also a proofing mechanism that stops anybody from sequence disrupting the storyline, which was one of the issues the developers say kept them from launching co-op alongside the main campaign. When you initiate a co-op session, the game will designate any task that everyone has completed as complete, but if one participant hasn’t done it yet, it’ll stay unfinished.

Upgrades are a different thing, though, as those are connected to specific players and won’t be shared throughout the Fireteam.

343 also briefly touched on the Area Of Operations concept, a tether that prohibits team members from wandering over the Ring. Wander off too far, and you’ll get a notification instructing you to rejoin the party. If you disregard it, the game kills you, and you respawn beside the nearest team member.

It’s not as limiting as it sounds, though. 343 claimed the alert kicks off at 800 feet away, and the death zone is 1,000 feet.

Replaying campaign missions in Halo Infinite

Finally, 343 revealed the option to replay campaign goals is coming with the co-op update. You’ll utilize the Tac-Map to highlight a prior mission and select to rerun it. The game takes you and your squad, if you’re in a co-op, to the mission area, and while you may retry the goal, you’re not trapped in it. You can just opt to do something else.

Whatever your selection, you’ll take all cores and skulls with you, even to the early missions.

How to join Halo Infinite campaign co-op test flight

As with Halo Infinite’s previous test flights, you need to be a Halo Insider program to participate, and you need to either purchase Halo Infinite or have a current Game Pass membership with the game loaded. You’ll receive a notice with a participation key from Halo Insider communications to take part in the flight.

Since the objective of the trip is to test for bugs and polish campaign co-op, don’t anticipate a fully flawless voyage, though.

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