Fight Final Fantasy 1’s WoL in Stranger of Paradise DLC 2022

Fight Final Fantasy: Jack faces up against FF1’s Warrior of Light and Bahamut in the upcoming Trials of the Dragon King DLC for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. As previously reported, Square Enix has set a release date for Trials of the Dragon King, the first expansion pack for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. Final Fantasy 1’s Warrior of Light and the dragon king, Bahamut, is shown in action in a new video for the upcoming game.

The teaser opens with the original Final Fantasy’s warriors of light entering the area where Jack Garland, dressed out in his full armor outfit, sits expecting them on a throne, ready to receive them. “You’ll die here, and I’ll live forever,” he declares.

As Jack and his comrades face off against the Dragon King, we see our first look at Bahamut. ‘Don’t forget about our arrangement,’ warns Jack, before we see a few short clips of dragon combat. There is a lot to look forward to in the conflict between Bahamut and the other characters in the story.

Jack’s encounter with the Warrior of Light, who wears the same blue, long-horned clothing that was used in Dissidia Final Fantasy, is also eagerly awaited by fans. In addition to melee combat, he uses his distinctive sword and shield to unleash long-range magical assaults.

The teaser trailer for The Dragon King’s Trials may be seen below:

Last but not least, the Final Fantasy Origin season pass includes the upcoming Stranger of Paradise: Trials of the Dragon King DLC.

If you want to improve the Stranger of Paradise PC port’s mediocre performance, try this hack, but be aware that it shaves the heads of all the characters. Despite its flaws, Stranger of Paradise embraces its gaudy tone and lavishes attention on the game’s rewards in such a way that you’re practically compelled to see it for yourself.

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