This long overdue buff to Destiny 2 airborne effectiveness

This long overdue buff to Destiny 2 airborne effectiveness

Destiny 2 airborne effectiveness: Most recent information It’s been a long time coming, but Bungie has finally given Destiny 2 a much-needed boost to its aerial effectiveness.

This Week at Bungie stated on June 30th that Destiny 2 airborne effectiveness is getting a significant boost across the board. Or, to be more precise, the accuracy and aim assist penalty for airborne effectiveness is being weakened in the FPS game. After a lot of testing in Season 18, Bungie senior design lead Chris Proctor stated the team expects to implement these modifications during Season 17 – but they didn’t give a specific release date for this season.

Because of this, we chose not to nerf anything at the start of Season 17 in favor of evaluating and then buffing weapons that were too simple to use when flying. After several weeks of testing, we are convinced that we can reduce the penalty for aerial accuracy and aim-assist penalties on Primary weapons.

For the most part, the adjustments will boost the aerial efficacy of numerous Exotic weapons and enhance the airborne accuracy and aim assist of all major weapons.

The TWAB reveals that Lorentz and Last Word nerfs are in the pipeline, as well as the Gjallarhorn’s rebalancing. It has been long ago that Handcannons and Scout Rifles receive some much-needed upgrades to their base damage and critical hit damage.

Previously, Bungie stated that Grandmaster Trials will be returning, but did not provide a particular date.

Until then, there’s plenty to do to keep things interesting. When it comes to the current Legendary Lost Sector and Nightfall weaponry and Time lost weapons, there is no need to search further.

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