The cast of Beyond: Two Souls includes Kadeem Hardison and Eric Winter

 Beyond: The star of Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls, actress Ellen Page, was joined onstage at Comic-Con today by one of her newly revealed co-stars, Kadeem Hardison. Hardison said he’ll be portraying a character named Cole Freeman, a U.S. government employee who examines paranormal phenomena.

Hardison stated his character “raises” Page’s character Jodie Holmes, but specifics regarding his involvement were mostly kept under wraps by game director David Cage during today’s Comic-Con event. Hardison is arguably best remembered for his portrayal of Dwayne Wayne in the TV series A Different World.

Cage writes that Hardison outed himself as a dedicated video game aficionado, gushing to the author of Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain about his gameplay experiences.

The first time Cage met Hardison, he told him about his experience playing Heavy Rain for 45 minutes. Cage claims he was taken over by Hardison’s excitement for video games, thinking to himself “It’s him.” and then “I hope he’s a terrific actor.”

Page claimed that, aside from messing around with the first PlayStation, she’s a lapsed gamer.

According to Page, “video games ended for me when I was 16,” when asked about her desire in taking on an acting part in a video game when she was a youngster, she had a very deep attachment with the Sega Genesis. “That was a result of education, job, life.”

“When it came up, my brain didn’t even know how to handle this possibility,” Page said of Cage’s pitch for her role in Beyond, which entailed a gift basket of video games. “At first, I couldn’t figure out what it meant or why David was acting in such a strange manner. I, on the other hand, was enthralled.”

The cast of Beyond: Two Souls includes Kadeem Hardison and Eric Winter

Page claimed she couldn’t have envisioned two years before her work on Beyond: Two Souls what she’d even been doing: Surrounded by 70 cameras and performance capture equipment while performing on a virtual set.

“He and this 2,000-page epic journey had me absolutely mesmerized. I was all for trying anything new, even if it was difficult.”

During a Q&A session after the conference, a fan inquired about the motivation behind Cage’s story for Beyond: Two Souls. Whereas Heavy Rain’s plot was influenced by Cage’s experiences as a new father, he revealed that his next game was partly inspired by the loss of a family member.

“Several years ago, I lost a member of my family who I was very close to. It came as a surprise “Cage mentioned that. “This was the first time I’d lost a loved one in this manner. People who have lost someone close will know what I’m talking about. I’ve never been a religious man, and don’t really believe in god, but I think I needed to find some significance to this event. Writing this narrative was a vehicle for me to achieve that goal.”

Page also identified another one of her Beyond co-stars, actor Eric Winter, in addition to hinting that her character will operate a submarine at some point in the film.

We’ll have more about Beyond: Two Souls from our conversation with David Cage later this week.

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