Sims 4 mod lets you play as Geralt of Rivia

Sims 4 mod lets you play as Geralt of Rivia

A popular new Sims 4 mod adds a pint-sized Geralt action figure to your inventory, and we’re pleased with exactly how amazing it looks. If you’ve ever thought “wow, wouldn’t it be lovely to have a miniature Geralt of Rivia sitting in my kitchen or lying on the nightstand, watching me sleep” then this Sims 4 hack is your dream come true.

It does exactly what it says on the tin: add a mini-Geralt action figure to your Sims home or anyplace else you desire in the life sim. In the description, Estgamers claims that the figure portrays a naked Geralt, complete with his distinctive twin swords and his beginning clothing from Skyrim – except the shirt, of course. The figurine has been produced in 4K with over 9,000 polygons, according to the description.

It wouldn’t be much of an action figure if you couldn’t interact with it. The description doesn’t indicate what precisely you can do with it, but considering as it’s a fully articulated action figure — in the sense that it has functional joints, not that it talks – we presume the interactions entail manipulating Geralt’s small arms and legs into proper action-y Witcher positions.

Sims 4 mod lets you play as Geralt of Rivia

There are surprisingly few Witcher mods on NexusMods for The Sims 4, especially with the Netflix adaptation’s popularity. If you didn’t want to dress up like Geralt or Triss, your only other choice was to get creative with the vampire and werewolf packs in the Witcher universe.

If you’re seeking more ways to personalize your Sims experience, there are lots more Sims 4 modifications to select from, and we’ve collected up the best of the bunch, including preferred gender and a mod to make your offspring better. You may also use a wide range of tricks to manipulate the game’s rules to your advantages, such as quick ways to obtain money or the ability to survive death.

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