Thanks to fans, the worst Elden Ring boss now has a cutscene

Thanks to fans, the worst Elden Ring boss now has a cutscene

Elden Ring boss: The initial Elden Ring monster is a modest one compared to its late-game predecessors, but one fan believed the poor soldier deserved more.

The action RPG’s big dungeon bosses and mini-bosses, which are the ones that count, all have their own cutscenes for the Elden Ring. Except just one: Godrick’s Soldier. Redditor Jaown9 saw a problem and set out to correct it by creating their own. Even though he’s not much of a boss, you’ll come against many of the troops shortly after leaving the tutorial graveyard in Limgrave and entering the city itself. Coming as it does after the Grafted Scion, it feels like a bit of an anticlimax, though if nothing else, the Soldier of Godrick does, at least, give you a sense that maybe you can live in The Lands Between after all.

The Grafted Scion isn’t your first boss battle, but seeing Jaown9’s video will help you feel more prepared for it. There’s no soundtrack, though, which was the trigger for Reddit to come up with its own narrative.

“I am Rick, soldier of God, and I have only experienced defeat,” one user commented, which pretty well sums up the war. Someone another mourned how these soldiers’ informal battle club was entirely destroyed by the heartless Tarnished, who waltzed in and slaughtered everyone present.

So yet, there’s no way to integrate Jaown’s video into the game itself, however, with the way the Elden Ring mod community has upgraded practically every part of the game, that might very well change in the future.

If it’s Elden Ring modifications you’re hunting, we’ve picked together some of the best you can find. Others that didn’t make the cut include a more recent version that enables Torrent to survive even the deadly late-game opponents who ordinarily make him vanish with one huge swipe.

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