The new Elden Ring torrent fixes a critical issue with the ghostly horse

The new Elden Ring torrent fixes a critical issue with the ghostly horse

Elden Ring torrent fixes: When Torrent’s HP doesn’t scale, he dies easily in late-game locations. This is addressed with a new Elden Ring Torrent mod. Valor is only worth so much in an action RPG like Melina’s Knight in Tarnished Armor, and even that isn’t enough in the late game when you have to deal with the likes of Elden Ring’s Torrent.

A new Elden Ring mod seeks to alleviate the Torrent’s difficulties in Lyndell and beyond. The Invincible Torrent mod was made by modder Admiral30 to fix the issue of Torrent’s HP and maintain horseback combat as a viable option for the duration of the game

Modder claims that “in late-game locations, a fart is enough to kill your horse.” That’s why it’s best to just have an indestructible horse at this stage.”

The HP of Torrent, as Admiral30 points out, doesn’t scale, so while your health and fortitude improve, poor Torrent remains as green as he was when he first spotted you. Torrent’s HP is low, so losing him leaves you exposed and immobilized for a short time, which is all it takes for your enemies to overpower you and send you back to the previous Site of Grace.

As stated on the box, the Invincible Torrent mod sets damage values from every sort of damage to zero. And that’s all there is to it. To use horseback combat for the remainder of the game, simply install the mod.

The new Elden Ring torrent fixes a critical issue with the ghostly horse

Torrent isn’t allowed everywhere, so you’ll have to rely on your own custom builds and weaponry to get through. Even though you may always respec if you’re unhappy with your numbers, magic users should employ the greatest staff.

One of a growing number of Elden Ring-inspired modifications. There are a lot of Elden Ring modifications available, so we’ve narrowed them down for you.

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