Warzone Season 4 – All Fortunes Keep Easter Egg Locations

Warzone Season 4 - All Fortunes Keep Easter Egg Locations

Warzone Season 4: Fortunes Keep, the new Season 4 map for Call of Duty: Warzone, has a slew of new content, including unique POIs and entertaining Easter Eggs scattered around the area. This guide will help you find all of the hidden Easter Eggs in the game. We’ll teach you where to look and what to do to locate all five of Fortunes Keep’s Easter Eggs, as well as how to get the great benefits that come with finding them all.

Warzone: Season 4: All Easter Eggs – Fortune’s Keep

Most gamers won’t be able to miss some Easter Eggs since they’re so obvious. Others, on the other hand, need a keen eye and are difficult to locate. The five Fortunes Keep Easter Eggs that we are aware of are detailed here; if further Easter Eggs are discovered, we will be sure to add them to this list.

The Zombie’s Perk

On Fortunes Keep, the first Easter Egg asks players to find the graveyard. You may light three candles that are located nearby from this point. Then you must travel to the lone tombstone alongside a burning candle and have a look at it.

In order to pay your respects, press “F” to call a zombie, who you will need to kill. Because the zombie is tough, you’ll need to use a lot of bullets to take it down. A self-reviving item (which is ironic yet useful) will be dropped by the zombie once it has been defeated.

Reward Programs for Bottles of Wine

It’s an Easter Egg that demands gamers to go into a secret vault in order to get a bunch of wonderful stuff. Find two wine bottles in the rooms of the Terraces building, and you’ll be on your way. Take them to the Keep POI next door if you discover them on a table or shelf.

On the second story of the Keep, you’ll find the eating room. On this floor, look for the big dining table in the middle. In order to get your hands on a Golden Axe and Shield, simply set your bottles on the table and a secret entrance will open behind the shelf.

Loot from Fountain’s

Getting to the Winery and finding the fountain in the center is all it takes to complete this Easter Egg (if you’re not being fired at). Once you’ve arrived, simply put money into the fountain for a chance to win an item or a weapon.

When it comes to the fountain, we don’t know yet if it matters how much money you drop in it, as the objects that come out appear random. If that information changes, we’ll be sure to include it in this listing.

a long-lost relic

The most apparent type of an Easter Egg to locate may be overlooked when you’re battling to remain alive on Fortunes Keep. Players must find a shovel in the graveyard or beach area and search the beach for any unusual piles of sand to uncover this Easter Egg.

After finding these sand mounds, you may excavate them to obtain valuable loot, such as valuable artifacts, weapons, and other equipment. The bay region of the island is studded with them. So be sure to keep an eye out for any that could slip between the cracks.

Aim for the Bullseye

In one of the bars in the Town area, you may uncover the last Easter Egg by interacting with a dart board. To your right, if you use a throwing knife to hit a bullseye on the board, you’ll uncover a hidden door with a rare weapon as a prize for your detective work.

It’s an excellent Easter Egg to exploit at the beginning of the game to get a strong rifle, despite the lack of prizes in this area. It’s simple and doesn’t require any additional equipment because a throwing knife is available right outside the tavern.

Those are the only instructions you’ll need in order to discover all of the Easter eggs in Fortunes Keep.

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