Outriders Worldslayer Coming To Xbox Game Pass

Outriders Worldslayer Coming To Xbox Game Pass

Inquiring minds want to know if the new Outriders Worldslayer expansion will be included in Xbox Game Pass. Let us investigate this further.

The newest update for 2021’s third-person looter shooter, Outriders Worldslayer, makes major changes to the basic game while introducing subtleties to make the new campaign and endgame Trial of Tarya Gratar approachable to novice players.
Many fans and newbies may be asking if Outriders Worldslayer will be accessible on Xbox Game Pass when it launches, considering that the main game was released on Microsoft’s subscription service and is still playable.

Is Outriders Worldslayer going to be included in the Xbox Game Pass when it comes out?

Xbox Game Pass will not be getting Outriders Worldslayer at launch. Outriders’ official website is the source of this information: However, you’ll need to buy the Worldslayer Upgrade to play Outriders Worldslayer while it’s still on GamePass.”

Game Pass subscribers, especially those who played the base game largely through the service, may be disappointed by this knowledge. In addition, the choice of wording implies that the base game will not be available in Game Pass for a long time, as well.

In theory, the absence of Outriders Worldslayer on the first day of Game Pass shouldn’t harm new players. However, seasoned athletes may find themselves in a dangerous position. – Outriders Worldslayer is $10 more expensive than Worldslayer, thus that’s why the price difference is so large.

Game Pass subscribers will save an additional $2 by purchasing the expansion instead of the standalone game, rendering the previously mentioned upgrade option moot.

If Square Enix decides to remove the main game from Game Pass, those who paid for the expansion upgrade would be in a precarious position once again. It is thus recommended that Game Pass subscribers purchase the complete Outriders Worldslayer in order to benefit from at least a 20% discount.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers aren’t the first to find themselves in this predicament, where they’re obliged to purchase the whole package despite having completed or played the main game.

It’s not the first time this has happened either. All previous expansions were removed from Game Pass before the debut of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, leaving Game Pass customers with little alternative except to purchase the full edition of the game.

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