The Resident Evil Village DLC adds a third-person camera mode

The Resident Evil Village DLC adds a third-person camera mode

Resident Evil Village DLC: You’ll be able to play Resident Evil: Revelations in third-person without the aid of modifications starting on October 28. Resident Evil purists, rejoice: Resident Evil Village will soon include a third-person camera mode. The inclusion is part of Village’s planned DLC, which also includes a new plot and new mercenaries, and will debut on October 28. 2022.

In terms of the Resident Evil franchise, the return to third-person is a major move. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was the first game in the series to use a first-person camera perspective, and many fans were not pleased with the move. Several third-person viewpoint modifications for Biohazard appeared shortly after its PC release, allowing more traditionalist gamers to play the game with the same perspective as the titles that came before it. For the longest time, Village and Biohazard had the same first-person viewpoint.

For the time being, Capcom hasn’t stated whether or not the series will return to a third-person perspective in the future. It’s possible that Resident Evil 2, 3, and 4’s latest remakes all employ third-person because they want to keep the original games’ appearance. Ethan Winter’s plot appears to be over, thus we may see a return to the original protagonist in the future game.

On the other hand, Capcom has released the first Resident Evil 4 Remake gameplay video, confirming the camera position and showing off protagonist Leon Kennedy.

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