The next Stardew Valley update is made for modders

Stardew Valley update: There are at least two more upgrades in the pipeline for Stardew Valley, and the first one is designed to make modders’ lives simpler.

There’s a new Stardew Valley update on the way, and it’s for modders and fans alike. When RetroBoyYTBruh asked whether there will be any new updates or if Haunted Chocolatier was anyway tied to Stardew Valley, game designer Eric Barone made the unofficial announcement on Twitter. However, Barone has acknowledged that he is currently working on both Stardew 1.16 and Stardew 1.17, although what these upgrades will include remains unclear.

“1) The answer is yes, 1.6. Nevertheless, it’s largely an upgrade for modders, he noted. ‘Some new stuff will be added, but it won’t be substantial.’ 1.7? I don’t know.

There is a relationship, but I haven’t determined how deep it will be. I want Haunted Chocolatier to have its own distinct personality.

Hundreds of new modules are being posted to NexusMods each week, indicating that the Stardew Valley mod community is already strong and thriving. They might be as simple as texture packs and new character images, or as complex as Solid Foundations, a framework for modders to contribute their own inventions to enhance the game.

Prior to the release of Solid Foundations, we highlighted Bulk Processing as a mod that streamlines the use of makers. However, shortly thereafter, additional packs appeared one of which gives your structures a magical glow.
Then then, you could just make him look like Estinien from Final Fantasy XIV because why not?

There is a good chance that a simplified mod procedure by Barone will open the door to more creative life simulations, and that’s something to look forward to.

Start with our selection of the greatest Stardew Valley modifications if you’re new to the world of mods. We especially recommend the Animal Crossing mod, which makes the inhabitants of the valley a lot nicer.

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