Honor of Kings: Level Infinite’s MOBA will released globally

Honor of Kings: Level Infinite’s MOBA will released globally

Honor of Kings: Gamers outside of mainland China will soon be able to play the all-time highest-grossing mobile game, Honor of Kings. An all-time MOBA favorite, the game boasts more than 100 million daily users. Timi Studios, a subsidiary of Tencent Games, created and released the game. The worldwide edition of Honor of Kings will be published by Level Infinite in the near future.

This game will be “rolled out towards the end of this year,” according to a tweet from the business. The creators have also stated that they expect to perform closed beta tests beginning in July.

Game information for Honor of Kings

MOBA-style gameplay is present in the game, with players taking control of a character with distinct powers and talents to defeat their opponents. Physical Damage, Magical Damage, Critical Damage, and Real Damage can all be used to inflict harm on opponents.

There are three distinct game types to choose from in this MOBA:

  • Rift of Kings (5v5)
  • Battle of Changping (3v3)
  • Mo Zi’s Lane Gear (1v1)

In November 2020, the game reached the 100 million active user mark. Because of the game’s large Chinese fan following, it was the first mobile game to earn more than $10 billion in revenue.

Honor of Kings: Level Infinite’s MOBA will released globally

The global release date for Honor of Kings has been set.

The release date hasn’t been set yet by the team behind the project. Given that the game’s release date has been set for later in the year, players should expect it sometime between October and December.

The honor of Kings’ global debut by Tencent underlines the company’s hegemonic position in the mobile gaming market. Observing that the firm struggled to build their own MOBA a few years ago, they are now trying to take on the global market with their own game is fascinating.

Tencent’s intentions for Arena of Valor, a westernized version of Honor of Kings that will be available outside of China, are also being discussed in light of this recent release. The game’s Esports plan was unveiled by the developer in December of last year. Until the corporation makes a formal announcement regarding the future of Arena of Valor, players will have to wait.

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