In my Unsighted playthrough, nobody dies. I’m cool with that

In my Unsighted playthrough, nobody dies. I'm cool with that

Unsighted playthrough: Perhaps you’ve heard about Unsighted, an action-adventure game inspired by The Legend of Zelda, but with an intriguing twist: Whenever you encounter an NPC, they have a timer over their heads, and once enough time has passed, they will disappear from the world. You remember that gun dealer from when you bought your first sword? Gone. That big, friendly whale who’s always happy to help you catch fish? This is it. It’s possible to lose even the helpful fairy that follows you about and offers advice if it’s been a while. A limited supply of Meteor Dust can be used to extend the lives of some characters, but this simply delays the inevitable while also putting others at risk.

My jaw dropped when I heard the pitch for Unsighted for the first time. Moreover, I was aware that the fear of working with such a technician would cause me to lose control. If I’ve only just met them, how can I decide who lives and who dies? I decline your offer.

I’m still having a great time eight hours into my Unsighted excursion. Explorer Mode, which eliminates the game’s time mechanism, is to credit for this. You’ll still be able to see how much time particular NPCs have left, but their clocks will never expire and they’ll never go unnoticed. For all time, they’re here.

As a Zelda fan, I’m confident that playing Unsighted on its normal setting will compel me to form a deeper connection with the characters in this world than I ever had with random NPCs. For the sake of my comrades, I’d have to make some really tough choices about which ones would live and which ones would die. What about the rest of them? I’d prefer not to dwell on them.

This would have been a unique gaming experience that would have made me quite unhappy, so yeah, I’ve robbed myself out of it. During Explorer Mode, I may spend my Meteor Dust to maximise the connections that mean the most to me, or that give the finest benefits, without having to worry about the poor robot grandma slowly losing her mind in the other room I’m able to participate in a well-executed, demanding, and thought-provoking journey that I might otherwise have avoided.

So if you’re apprehensive about Unsighted, even if it appears to be exactly what you’re looking for, take my advice and tweak the game to suit your needs. You, myself, and everyone else with a fragile soul may take advantage of the game’s Explorer Mode.

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