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The best way to kill the Varuna Point Rhino Shark boss in Raft

The best way to kill the Varuna Point Rhino Shark boss in Raft

kill the Varuna Point Rhino Shark boss: There is also a crane at the top of one of the later Raft structures, the submerged skyscraper known as “Varuna Point”. You’ll encounter a large shark monster when you explore the underwater areas of the structure. It’s easy to take down the Rhino Shark with our Raft shark bosses tutorial.

As a precaution, we strongly advise that you bring along an Oxygen Bottle and Flippers. Vine Goo and other pieces of ocean trash can be used to create any of these projects. While you’re down there, take advantage of the vent bubbles to top off your oxygen supply.

Players have reported that they’ve been able to kill the shark before it breaches the pillars by using alternative methods. You must not assault or attempt to kill the Rhino Shark unless you follow the procedure outlined below. The Rhino Shark must clear the way for you to proceed. In order to progress, you must kill it before it unlocks all of the passageways.]

Get yourself in a position that puts one of the four pillars between you and Shark. As soon as the shark aims its head down, you should move out of its course, causing it to strike the pillar instead of you.

By striking it, you’ll be able to place an explosive barrel in the metal pillar frame, which will then open up. Prepare an ambush for your shark, and then lure him back in for another ramming attack on the structure.

You’ll notice two more pillars and the shark, which has risen from the depths. You’ll need to persuade the shark to drive into the upper, vulnerable portion of these pillars, which have a metal foundation. Re-use the explosive barrels and pillars in this manner. When a new hole appears in the ceiling, walk up to the pillars to locate another one.

The shark will eventually die if you keep doing this, at which point you may harvest it for Raw Sharkmeat and a special prize, as shown below.

Rhino Shark Trophy hangs from the boat, and Raft figure with polar bear headstands next to it.

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