New Warzone Season 4 map looks pretty familiar

New Warzone Season 4 map looks pretty familiar

 New Warzone Season 4 map: The new Warzone map that is going to be introduced in Season 4 takes its influence from real-life places and is going to feature a heated clash between Operators and renegade mercenaries.

It’s possible that Fortune’s Keep, the new Call of Duty Warzone map that will be released on June 22 along with Season 4 of the game, could remind you of a location from the past. However, it is not a Call of Duty take on the Hitman levels, and while it does share certain characteristics with Rebirth, High Moon claims that they have gone above and beyond to create something that is completely original. High Moon wanted to create something new for Warzone Season 4’s take on Resurgence, with the same scale as Rebirth Island and a classic, timeless feel, so they looked to the Mediterranean Sea for inspiration and settled on a “smuggler’s paradise” theme to guide their design. High Moon wanted to create something new for Warzone Season 4’s take on Resurgence, with the same scale as Rebirth Island and a classic, timeless feel.

In a recent blog post that provides an overview of what players may anticipate from the map, the creative director of High Moon, Matt Krystek, states that “Fortune’s Keep is a wholly unique map inspired by real-world sites in the Mediterranean.” “We wanted this map to have a classic appearance and give the impression that it depicts a real place that you might go to. A territory that was formerly utilized to battle against pirates is now controlled by a group of mercenaries and smugglers, which creates an interesting contrast from a narrative perspective.

Fortune’s Stronghold, with its huge town, winery, and towering keep, is approximately the same size as Rebirth Island and allows forty-player lobbies, but you need to keep a lookout for more than just hostile Operators. Once in a while, rogue mercenaries may emerge and seek to steal some extra riches while eliminating anybody who stands in their path.

In addition to that, it comes with two extra features, namely the Cash Extraction event and the Black Market Supply Run contract. After the first half of the battle has been completed, the Black Market Contract will appear. It will then randomly drop a Black Market Buy Station, which is a location where you may trade in-game currency for useful goods and weapons. These vary from low-end grenades that cost $500 to weapons that cost five figures each and have the potential to help you win the match.

Whenever you are participating in the Cash Extraction event, a flashing gold circle will emerge on the map. This circle will indicate the location of the next gold drop. You’ll need to go there, take on multiple waves of vicious mercenaries, and win in order to get some more cash that’s excellent for purchasing at the Black Market.

If you want to get a head start on Season 4, take a look at some of the top weaponry from Season 3, such as the most effective assault rifles, the most innovative small-caliber machine guns, and the greatest guns overall. These should continue to serve you well after June 22, barring any unexpected shocks that may be included in the patch notes for Season 4.

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