The dates for the Mobile Legends M4 World Championship have been announced

The dates for the Mobile Legends M4 World Championship have been announced

The Mobile Legends M4 World Championship will be held from the 1st to the 15th of January, 2023, according to the official schedule. This would be the season’s last tournament and World Championship. During the year 2022, the greatest teams competing for a place in the tournament competed and performed the best in various contests. This season’s MLBB championship is the biggest and most eagerly anticipated yet.

Which teams will make it to the finals of the M4 World Championship for Mobile Legends?

There will only be two teams that may qualify for the M4 World Championship, which includes MPLs and M4 qualifications. For example, there are countless MPL and M4 qualifications all throughout the world. The MPL is held in nations such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, and a number of other places. As in M3, qualifying for Arabs and North America might be held in M4. When RSG Philippines won the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup MSC 2022, they were nearly guaranteed a berth in the next M4.

Format for a Tournament

The Group Stage is most likely to be the tournament’s opening round. The play-offs are the next step. Similar to the previous three World Championships, the winners of each group would be seeded higher and the runners-up lower.

The dates for the Mobile Legends M4 World Championship have been announced

The Amount Received as a Reward

The prize money for the Mobile Legends World Championship has increased steadily throughout the years. The overall prize money for the M1 World Championship was $250,000. The money up for grabs in M2 was $300,000. There was an $800,000 prize pool in M3, which was three times as much as the previous edition’s. The prize pool is projected to be much larger this time around.

Skins and special effects

The competition has launched new skins and effects in each of the past iterations. Hero skins for both of the tournament’s heroes, as well as a hero skin that the tournament winner gets to select. There were also specific spawn effects, recalls, and removal effects. The tournament skins may be obtained for free, but it requires a lot of chance, as players must properly predict the outcome of every match.

In the Mobile Legends M3 Championship, Blacklist International won with Estes, although the skin has not yet been made available for download.


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