Bethesda should make literally anything else instead of Fallout 5

Bethesda should make literally anything else instead of Fallout 5

Bethesda could take a page out of FromSoftware’s playbook and end a cherished series before beginning a new one.

Recently, Todd Howard completed the task that a lot of people have been looking forward to seeing him do. He revealed that Bethesda would be developing Fallout 5 in the future.

Fans of Fallout will find it difficult to get enthused about this news because work won’t begin until “after” The Elder Scrolls 6, which is itself still expected to be several years away. Does this mean that Fallout 5 might come out… anytime after the year 2030? You can’t really be excited about something that won’t happen for at least a decade, so don’t even try.

As for me, I’m finding it difficult to get enthusiastic about it due to the fact that I wish Bethesda would produce anything other than Fallout 5, which is the difficulty I’m having with becoming thrilled about it. Anything else. If I heard that they planned to produce literally any other game, as long as it was something fresh and not part of a series that has already been there for a few decades, I would be much pleased.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy playing Fallout; far from it. The Fallout games have been a lot of fun for me, to the point that I have sunk about 200 hours into Fallout 4 and more than 100 hours into Obsidian’s New Vegas. Fallout 3 took up a total of 120 hours of my time. Even yet, I enjoyed playing Fallout 76 a little bit more than the typical reviewer did when the game first came out in 2018 (not that this is very significant).

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