Kuya Island Beginner’s Guide and Tips

Kuya Island Beginner's Guide and Tips

Kuya Island Beginner: Marvel Future Fight, Seven Knights, Star Wars Force Arena, and other Netmarble games have their origins in an original IP named Kuya. Using this IP address, Netmarble creates a variety of charming animated animations. A new Merge Kuya Island game has recently been released by Netmarble, which features these adorable creatures. We’ll go over Merge Kuya Island’s beginner’s guide and some pointers for those of you who are just getting started.

Overview of the Gaming Experience

Kuya is tiny, adorable animals who live on a tranquil island in the South Pacific. Everything on the island is wonderful, and the Kuya people coexist peacefully. When a sinister power unexpectedly invades the island, they pollute the land and transform it into filth. It’s only our Spirit Keeper persona who can stop this island’s destruction. That’s all there is to it. We must retake all of the polluted countries and restore them to their former glory.

Getting to Know the Game’s Characters

We are introduced to a few characters, the Kuyas, at the beginning of the game. Residents of Kuya Island are known as Kuyas, and therefore the island’s name. This is where all of the Kuyas dwell, where they tend to their crops and go about their daily routines. Upon entering the game, we meet the following Kuyas for the first time:

To some extent, the Onion Kuya serves as the island’s administrator. We are first introduced to Kuya Island and our responsibilities by Onion Kuya, the character who was absent from Kuya Island when the corruption occurred.
It’s hard not to fall in love with this sweet, pale pink Kuya. It’s also her job to assist us to grasp various gaming features.
Riceball Kuya: A Kuya that resembles a fluffy soft riceball.
This Kuya is green and resembles a cabbage.
We’ll meet more Kuyas as the game progresses, so keep an eye out for them.

Kuya Island Beginner

Knowing How to Use the Game’s Resources

The following are Merge Kuya Island’s main resources and features:

To buy Kuya noms, the most common currency is coins. About 20 coins will buy one Onion Kuya nom. Unless a Bank is built, these coins cannot be kept safe. At the beginning of the game, this restriction can be increased to 25 by constructing a Bank. The coin storage here is smaller than in previous games.
Buildings are constructed using lumber. During the early phases, the Bank and Storage can be constructed. In fact, you can keep additional Lumber in the Storage.
Gems are the game’s most valuable money. Used to expedite the building process.
Merge Kuya’s encyclopedia, the Book of Wisdom. The Book Of Wisdom contains all the information you need to know about every resource.

Merge Kuya Island: The Basics of Play

Gaming may be found on both Main Island (where the typical gameplay takes place) and Adventure Island (where we can push ourselves to various puzzle-solving tasks, such as Time Attack challenges). A new level of delight is brought to the table.

Merge Kuya is a pretty straightforward gaming mechanic. We only need to combine three or more identical pieces. When we combine three or more items, the quality is improved. The Kuyas is a good illustration of this. “Noms” are the little, sleeping Kuyas, and they look a lot like flower buds. We obtain a baby Kuya when three moms are combined. We get a Tiny Kuya by combining three Baby Kuyas, and so forth. The mature Kuya appears right near the conclusion.

As a result, what we need to do is unite everything, from kuyas to structures. When we integrate, we acquire a lot of new features. It’s a fantastic perk of this type of game since the outcomes are immediate. With no wait times and fast results, one feels a sense of accomplishment. Buildings obviously take time to construct, but that is the only time-consuming element of the process.

Additionally, we must unlock the contaminated areas in order to cleanse them before combining. After fulfilling certain missions, we can gain access to it. Healing Essence restores health to the afflicted regions. The more healing essences you combine, the more potent they become.

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