Final Fantasy Goes Full Cringe in The Best Way

Final Fantasy Goes Full Cringe in The Best Way

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Just how did we end up with such an outlandish Final Fantasy game? Team Ninja, the company behind this crazy rewrite of one of gaming’s longest-running franchises, deserves praise or condemnation.

The company has a unique ability to produce games that are both fantastic and trashy at the same time. Check out some of its most recent work. Fire Emblem Warriors, a Nintendo action game, was released by the company in 2018. When Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 was released in 2019, it received a major overhaul, bringing the hi-definition version of the cheesecake sports brand to the next level. Following Nioh’s debut, the studio returned with Nioh 2, a dark and tough spin on the Dark Souls genre with yokai elements.

Because of this, Square Enix has joyously destroyed the preconceptions of what a Final Fantasy game should be like with Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.” In the game, you take on the role of “beefcake” Jack, who wears a headset, listens to Limp Bizkit, and enjoys cutting off villains who talk too much about their wicked intentions. Instead of “the world’s most angry Barbie,” you may say that “Jack is”

That’s exactly what we’re hearing, too: a spoof of the mid-’00s video gaming era. Is this a camp? However, Team Ninja has the potential to strike the 7-10 split of self-respecting JRPG and winky chuckle fest, but we can’t be sure for sure.

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