Halo 4’s Promethean enemies and weapons are revealed

Halo 4's Promethean enemies and weapons are revealed

Halo 4: Pictures of the Promethean enemy species in Halo 4 were released today by All Games Beta, depicting a race that comprises classes like the Crawler (which contains a Snipe), the Knight (which has a Lancer), and the Knight Commander (which includes a Battlewagon).

Promethean adversary classes including the Knight, Knight Lancer, Knight Commander, Knight Battlewagon, and Watcher were unveiled in this month’s issue of GameInformer magazine. Crawlers like the Alpha Crawler and Crawler Snipe were also shown.

In addition, the weapons particular to each class were disclosed in the magazine. In addition to the seven weapon categories, there are the Boltshot, Binary Rifle, Incineration Cannon, Lightrifle, Suppressor and Scattershot.

The Knight Lancers are utilised largely as scouts and marksmen by the Promethean military, while the Knight Commanders lead groups of Knights. Crawlers, who are incredibly nimble and move in groups, are summoned by Watchers, which may resurrect Knights.

According to GameInformer, the following are detailed descriptions of each enemy type:


Requiem is protected by the Knights of Prometheus, a group of self-aware and intelligent soldiers who are leaders of the Promethean army. A single encounter with a Knight may be fatal since they progressively draw more opponents into the fight. Suppressors and LightRifles are common weapons in the arsenals of knights.

Swordsman of the Knight

Lancers are excellent scouts and marksmen because of their long-range accuracy. Lancers use Promethean Vision, one of their several abilities, to follow targets even when they are hidden behind solid surfaces.

Commander of the Knights

Knight Commanders, as the name implies, are in charge of a group of Knights. When fighting as a commander, you may use Incineration Cannons, armour that can withstand more damage, and even deploy floating Autosentry turrets.

Battlewagon of a Knight

When other Promethean troops have failed, Knight Battlewagons are called upon. They are extremely rare yet extremely dangerous. Heavy armour and strong light shields cover their massive metal frames, and these lethal adversaries may launch their own Autosentries. Battlewagons are difficult to approach at all. When the robotic Promethean uses its Scattershot to fend off advancing enemies, this is especially true


Mechanics erupt from the Knights’ armoured bodies and fly away. A Promethean’s most popular weapon is the Boltshot, which they may use to fight other Prometheans or call Crawlers from the depths of Requiem.

Naked Crawler Snipe

Crawlers are the most frequent Promethean on Requiem. Crawlers travel in large groups and are incredibly nimble. Swarm an adversary and demolish them, or use Boltshot from a safe distance, depending on the situation.

This crawler is known as Alpha Crawler

Unlike the regular Crawler, the Alpha leads a group of Crawlers into combat. Hardlight spikes on the head and rear of Alphas make them easy to see. Suppressors are used as a long-range weapon by this unit.

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