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Listed below are all of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen’s new Void abilities

Listed below are all of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen's new Void abilities

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen won’t bring a new Darkness subclass to the game, the way Beyond Light brought Stasis, it will affect how the Light subclasses operate. On Feb. 22, Destiny 2’s Void classes will transition over to the Aspect and Fragment system that Stasis employs. This should make the class significantly more versatile and helpful, customized for each user.

Bungie offered its finest look at Void 3.0 yet in a blog on Thursday.

First, the studio informed players of the new Void 3.0 “verbs,” which are, word-for-word, as follows:

Suppress: The target is taken out of any active ability while suppressed. While suppressed, the target cannot activate any abilities or mobility modes. Combatants are bewildered.

Weaken: The victim receives more damage, has delayed mobility, and is bewildered.

Volatile: The victim will detonate in a Void explosion if suffering more damage. If the victim dies before the volatile has sustained enough damage to explode, the explosion happens nonetheless.

Invisibility: The player vanishes from sight and does not appear on the radar.

Overshield: The player obtains a defensive barrier that quickly stacks on top of their existing health and shields and intercepts incoming damage. Overshield lowers the damage absorbed by PvE opponents.

Devour: The player is immediately restored to full health upon triggering devour from any source and is provided grenade energy. When the player obtains any kill with devouring active, they are restored to full health, provided grenade energy, and their devour boost timer is prolonged.

When Guardians hear a term like Volatile in an ability description, they know it indicates the adversary will explode, and so on. This is related to Stasis’ verbs, such as Shatter.

The blog then looks into specific classes, starting with Titans.

Ward of Dawn and Sentinel Shield are the two Supers available to Titans in Void 3.0. By Bungie’s Sandbox discipline leader, Kevin Yanes, the Banner Shield is now integrated into Sentinel Shield.) Instantly summoning Ward of Dawn, and the Sentinel Shield’s mobility and protection are both improved. Titans will be able to hurl their shield at any time as part of their melee attack.

Three new Titan Aspects will be included in Void 3.0:

Using a Void ability or a volatile detonation to hit a target will make them volatile.
Casting Barricade grants you close allies over the shield. As the over shield regenerates over time, the over shields lifespan will be extended as well.
Overshield and the Ward of Dawn both speed up grenade charges and improve your melee damage when you’re wearing this offensive bulwark. For your Sentinel Shield Super, you also get an extra shield throw.

Hunters are already fast and sneaky demons, but Void 3.0 will make them much more so. Spectral Blades, Shadowshot Deadfall, and the greatly revised Shadowshot Moebius Quiver are the three Supers available to Hunters under the new system. Tied foes become Volatile when shot with Moebius Quiver, which fires three arrows at once. The tether anchor of Deadfall brings opponents closer to you. After the update, the Hunter Snare Bomb melee will also be able to weaken foes.

The following are the three Hunter Aspects that will be included in the upcoming 3.0 update:

It’s possible to use Quickfall to expend a melee charge and dive to the ground, generating a smoke cloud as you hit the ground. Allies and foes alike are rendered powerless by the cloud. Snare Bombs, which stick to objects or adversaries, can make adjacent teammates invisible.
The Hunter vanishes when he or she dodges.
Killer with a Purpose: Truesight and invisibility are granted after defeating a Void-debuffed target (weak, suppressed, or volatile). After a Stylish Execution, your next melee assault weakens your foes while you remain invisible.

The Void subclasses of Warlocks are all about draining energy and dissolving things. With three Void Supers, Warlocks will have access to a nova warp, a bomb vortex, and an explosion. Vortex, on the other hand, will cause foes to be drawn into the damage field. With the addition of Pocket Singularity, Warlocks may now hurl bombs at their opponents that knock them back and transform them into volatilized corpses.

Overcharge your Vortex, Axion Bolt, Scatter, and Magnetic grenades with the Chaos Accelerant. Overcharging of magnetic grenades causes the Handheld Supernova to explode.
Feeding the Void: To trigger devour, use a Void ability to defeat an adversary.
The Old Gods’ Child: To summon a Void Soul, use your Rift. Void Soul will detonate near an adversary when you harm them with your weapon, attaching tentacles that inflict damage and weaken the target. Healing Rift and Empowering Rift both restore health and/or melee and grenade energy when your Void Soul delivers damage. Rift energy is gained by defeating an adversary that is being drained.
Similarly, the new Void 3.0 version introduces considerable changes to the grenades. All classes get access to all five grenade kinds, instead of only three for each class. Previewed several Fragments in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen which might improve some of the aspects of the game.

foes explode when killed by Echo of Expulsion, giving the user an intelligence boost.
Melee energy is gained by destroying foes with grenades, but strength is depleted as a result.
You enjoy a short period of greater mobility, and your weapon’s ammo is replenished from your reserves; Discipline boost.
It’s the echo of undermining: weakens opponents; the consequence of disobeying.
Finally, Bungie explained how the new Aspects and Fragments would be unlocked. In The Witch Queen, existing Destiny 2 players won’t need to unlock anything, and their Void 3.0 subclasses will be mostly unchanged. During the short New Light campaign, new players will be able to access it. Certain Fragments will not be available until after the world’s first race of The Witch Queen raid, according to Bungie’s announcement.

There will be many more important changes in 2022, and Void 3.0 is just the beginning. Solar and Arc will both be seasonal releases between February and when Bungie unveils the Lightfall expansion, which is expected to happen somewhere in 2023. Their separate specialties will be burning/healing and damage chaining.


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