You can’t see Ethan’s face in the Resident Evil VIllage DLC

You can't see Ethan's face in the Resident Evil VIllage DLC

Resident Evil VIllage DLC: There are three big updates to Mercenaries, a new third-person perspective for the main campaign, and Shadows of Rose in Resident Evil Village DLC, which debuts October 28. In the third-person view of the horror game, it doesn’t appear like you will be able to see Ethan Winters’ face.

In Shadows of Rose, you’ll gain a fresh plot. Ethan and Mia’s daughter, Rose, is the focus of Shadows of Rose, which takes place 16 years after the events of Resident Evil Village. During the film, we see a peek of Rose as she battles her demons, is teased at school and has a flurry of bizarre visions and movements on her hands.

Rose is going to the subconscious to find a solution to her problems, but whatever she finds there isn’t going to be beneficial for her at all. As she battles an ever-expanding array of psychological challenges, Capcom claims Rose will meet a girl who resembles her.

The rest of the world didn’t assault Rose, but we did observe her enigmatic companion Michael leave notes for Rose throughout Castle Dumitrescu and other well-known landmarks.

Of much greater intrigue is the Duke, Ethan’s mercenary assistance at the Village but evidently one of many villains in this parallel realm within her mind.”

Shadows of Rose will be played exclusively from Rose’s point of view, but we don’t know yet what type of gameplay she’ll be doing or how she’ll be defending herself.

Village’s take on Mercenaries, which includes new characters like Lady Dumitrescu, is getting a major update that introduces new playstyles to the multiplayer horror game.


Anyone who currently owns the base game or who purchases the Resident Evil Village Gold version will have access to the downloadable content. Re: verse, Capcom’s multiplayer battle royale will also be released with Shadows of Rose.

The best game of 2021 according to Steam users might be Capcom’s Village, but the company isn’t forgetting about its previous games. In the next several weeks, PC users may expect improved visuals for Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, and Resident Evil 7.

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