In Dying Light 2 the photo mode gets a free DLC chapter

In Dying Light 2 the photo mode gets a free DLC chapter

Dying Light 2 the photo mode: This week, the long-awaited (and much-requested) picture option for Dying Light 2, a zombie parkour game, will be released. You can now take your own action-packed screenshots in Dying Light 2’s new picture mode, but it also includes the first free story DLC for Dying Light 2. On the 14th of June, the new version will be released.

The game “In the Footsteps of a Nightrunner” connects you with Harper, a former night runner who needs your assistance in eliminating some particularly dangerous infected. As you complete Harper’s tasks, you’ll get reputation points and new equipment, consumables, and outfits to enhance your combat capabilities even more. Fish Eye Canteen is a good place to meet Harper in the neighborhood.

You may freely move the camera around your avatar, and you can control the magnification, focus distance, and depth of field of the lens in Dying Light 2’s picture mode. Filters, styles, movie frames, and other options are also available before you press F12.

The new narrative material has a trailer, which you can see below:

The mutant infected, volatile tyrant and the volatile hive all make appearances in Harper’s quests in In the Footsteps of a Nightrunner. There’s also a new system of daily and weekly bounties that will send you out at night to execute tough activities for more reputation points with Harper. A unique chapter task ticket will also be available for purchase from Harper, which will challenge you to a series of time trials including stealth, parkour, and fighting.

Plus, it’s completely free. The first phase in Techland’s five-year plan for post-launch support for Dying Light 2 has been announced. Despite a May announcement that the first paid DLC pack will be delayed, it is now expected to arrive in September.

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