World of Warcraft wants you to promise you’ll be nice to everyone

World of Warcraft wants you to promise you'll be nice to everyone

World of Warcraft: Last week, the PTR version introduced it, and this week’s patch 9.2.5 completely incorporated it. According to the contract’s introduction, “Azeroth is a living planet full of people like you—other players, from diverse backgrounds and cultures, experiences, and histories who have all joined together to play World of Warcraft.” Read our social contract because every player deserves an environment that they may feel comfortable in.”

In the dungeon, you’ll need to make friends, be polite, converse and behave responsibly, and help out a newcomer or two. Hate speech, spamming or harassment, and general abusive language toward other players are also addressed in the guide.

Toxic behavior is both gently reminded of and strongly warned against in this message. In many ways, it’s the same information that’s already buried in the fine print of a game’s terms of service. There are a few players that appear to be unhappy with the new rules, but the vast majority of the players appear to be either welcoming or uninterested.

Unless Blizzard takes the issue of WoW’s toxicity more seriously, simply ticking the “I agree” box will have no effect. We can only hope that the social contract is a symptom of this, and that bad behavior will begin to be enforced.

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