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How to find the Calus bobbleheads in Destiny 2

How to find the Calus bobbleheads in Destiny 2

Calus bobbleheads in Destiny 2: To claim the season’s top prize, you’ll need to find these Calus memorabilia. Trying to find all of the bobbleheads in Destiny 2? Keep an eye out: During the Season of the Haunted, you may come across a bobblehead that resembles the former Cabal emperor while exploring the creepy depths of the Leviathan. For the time being, there are four to gather, and a victory is required in order to capture the seasonal crown.

There will be more bobbleheads added to the collection each week, so I’ll keep this guide updated as soon as they’re released. Here are the four original Calus bobblehead sites in Destiny 2, as well as the new Sever (Reconciliation) activity location that was added on May 31.

Bobblehead locations in Destiny 2

So far, there have been five bobbleheads released for Destiny 2. In order to find the one you’re looking for, use the navbar and scroll through each image gallery.



You’ll locate a switch adjacent to a locked door as soon as you enter the Castellum by transmat. The bobblehead is inside, but you can only open it once you’ve completed tier III of the Nightmare Containment event. One lockdown protocol in the Castellum has been temporarily lifted, and two doors in the region will be randomly opened as a result of this message appearing. It’s possible that if you’re lucky, you can open the door and get the bobblehead. You’ll have to try again if that’s the case.


The farthest right-hand side of the Royal Pools can be found. In the middle of the lengthy, pillared room, there’s a hole that goes to the bottom of a ship. The bobblehead is at the end of the corridor, so just keep going.


This is the simplest of the bunch. To find the bobblehead, go to the platform near the gardens’ center and check behind the huge Calus statue.


The Sever – Grief quest has this bobblehead. Once you’ve unlocked the Leviathan, you’ll be requested to flick four manual override switches at a certain point. Using a wrench, you must dismantle a wall of electricity that is obstructing your route to a switch.

Bobblehead can be found by climbing up and bouncing along pipes on your right as soon as you enter a room with a switch.


This one isn’t too difficult to locate. Plant the first beacon, disable the arc batteries, then crawl through the vents until you emerge into a corridor in the Sever (Reconciliation) objective.

After that, make a U-turn and head to the third vent on the right. Crawl through it and you’ll see the Calus bobblehead on the other side.

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