City: Skylines Costs One Dollar

City: Skylines Costs One Dollar

City: Now that Cities: Skylines, the reigning king of city-building games, is seven years old, there’s a lot of add-on content available. Ever think, “hey, I should have all of that”? I bet you have. If so, you’re in luck. Thanks to Humble Bundle, you can get all of the Cities: Skylines’ add-on content for a fraction of the normal cost, making it even more affordable.


Using Humble’s multi-tiered structure, different bundle sizes are assigned varying baseline donation levels. To begin with, you get Cities: Skylines for free if you donate at least $1. It costs $5 to get all of the above, plus the Art Deco content creator pack as well as the Deluxe Edition upgrade pack, together with the Snowfall and After Dark add-ons.

Add-ons such as the European Suburbia and High-Tech Building content creation packs, as well as Rock City Radio and Relaxation Station are included in the bundle for an additional $15.

Each expansion up to and including Sunset Harbor and a total of 21 add-on packs are included in this $20 package. In addition to a coupon for 20 percent off this year’s Cities: Skylines DLC, which includes the just-released Airports expansion, the $20 package comes with a bonus. According to Humble, each item is worth $257.

No need to worry if you bought Cities: Skylines during a free week on the Epic Games Store; every City: Skylines DLC save the 2022 DLC bundle can be redeemed on either Steam or Epic Games.

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