DLC for Flight Simulator Top Gun is available now for free

DLC for Flight Simulator Top Gun is available now for free

Flight Simulator: The Microsoft Flight Simulator Top Gun DLC is now available for download and is a free challenge that asks you to land a ridiculously powerful fighter jet on the deck of an aircraft carrier.


In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak of late last year, the Top Gun DLC was revealed at E3 last year but was later postponed — not because of any development concerns, but because it is a tie-in with Paramount’s Top Gun: Maverick, which was also delayed owing to the outbreak. However, the movie premieres this weekend, so the tie-in DLC is set to go.

The Top Gun extension can be accessed by just opening Microsoft Flight Simulator. ‘Maverick Activities’ is a new tile in the main menu. On Xbox One, if this is your first time launching DLC, a tile will appear that will take you to a marketplace from where you may download it — it’s around 4.78 gigabytes.

You’ll discover five new low-altitude challenges for the F/A-18E Super Hornet after the pack is downloaded, including a flyover of Alaska’s Yanert Glacier or a buzzing of Riffe Lake (possibly to check out some of the awesome new supersonic effects Asobo’s recently added).

As part of these two challenging challenges, pilots will be tasked with landing an aircraft carrier off the coast of San Diego and flying an experimental Darkstar hypersonic jet from California to Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in the stratosphere, respectively.

Additionally, three training missions for the Super Hornet are included in the bundle so that you may get accustomed to the strong fighter jet’s capabilities.

When you’re in that portion of the menu, the soundtrack to “Top Gun” plays. Now’s the time to show Goose what he’s missing.


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