Update 41.71 of Project Zomboid adds Dynamic Combat Music

Update 41.71 of Project Zomboid adds Dynamic Combat Music

Update 41.71 of Project Zomboid: As a survival-themed indie game, Project Zomboid does an excellent job at building suspense without the use of first-person perspective or advanced lighting effects. While fighting Kentucky’s voracious dead in the latest Project Zomboid update (version 41.71), a new dynamic music system has been added to the game.

Project Zomboid gets a new ‘action music system’ with the 41.71 release. A reactive musical score that can “grow and decrease in intensity during combat and other dramatic moments” has been added by The Indie Stone, the game’s developer. For this reason, the tension will rise as more zombies approach you as stragglers behind a liquor shop or in a field approach you.

New hair varieties and an option for stubble in the character creator’s hair and beard sections round out the patch’s enhancements. The latter is ideal if you’re going for that 1950s comic strip tough guy appearance.

New goods have been added to the Indie Stone, as well as updated 3D models. Textures, not models, are now used to depict 3D objects; this helps them move less as the player moves and improves framerates in scenarios like “when there are 100 nails on the ground, for example,” according to the developer.

Project Zomboid’s multiplayer feature has also received several improvements from the developer. Removed server-side vehicle physics are expected to “address some of the automotive strangeness sometimes encountered online”. For the time being, you’ll continue to interact with vehicles through the use of physics, but those will now be handled solely by the client, which should help keep things in sync.

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