The Warzone Studio Votes to Create the Largest Game Developer Union in the US

The Warzone Studio Votes

Warzone Studio: The official unionization of Raven Software’s QA team, which worked on Call of Duty: Warzone, was approved by the team’s members, making it the most well-known US game developer union. National Labor Relations Board will certify that the final result was 19-3 in favor of creating a union.

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Even though Activision Blizzard has seven days to contest the results, the NLRB certification of the vote will turn Game Workers Alliance’s Raven QA team into an officially recognized union that will act as a bargaining unit on issues such as employee compensation, weekly hours commitments, and health care benefits.

Warzone Studio Votes

On behalf of the smaller group of quality assurance workers, Activision Blizzard claimed that a union vote at Raven would be invalid unless it included all employees or more than 200 people. The National Labor Relations Board disagreed, however, and determined that the smaller group of quality assurance workers could hold a vote on their own In January, Activision declined to recognize the union, which was created after the company lay off a dozen QA employees at Raven last year. At the big publisher, layoffs sparked weeks of industrial action.

Prosecutors for the National Labor Relations Board claiming that Activision Blizzard violated the group’s collective action rights and threatened its members in order to deter them from joining a union, as reported by the news agency Bloomberg. According to Activision, the accusations are untrue.

Video Workers United, which was created late last year at the Threes developer Video, is not Raven QA’s first game dev union in the US, but it is the first major US games publisher’s first union.


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