PS5s Could Be Easier To Find This Year

PS5s: As a result of the PS5’s sales target of 18 million this fiscal year, it is possible that supply concerns are improving. In 2022, if you’ve been hoping to get your hands on a PlayStation 5, this could be your year. Considering that Sony expects to sell many millions more PlayStation 5 machines this fiscal year, this could indicate that the company anticipates chip shortages and other supply concerns will improve, resulting in more units being available for purchase. However, there is no certainty.

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For the fiscal year that began on April 1 and ends on March 31, 2023, Sony estimates that it will sell 18 million PS5 units. As of now, Sony says it has a “current view into parts procurement,” and this amount is based on that.

During the fiscal year that ended March 31, 2022, Sony sold 11.5 million PS5 systems, while in the preceding fiscal year, 7.8 million PS5 consoles were sold. Sony expects to sell up to 60% more systems this fiscal year than it did last year, which is a significant increase. When compared to the same period of time last year, Sony had sold 2 million PS5 units in 2022.

More than 18 million dollars for this fiscal year equates to an average of 4.5 million dollars every quarter. As a comparison, in Q3 of FY20 (October to December of 2020), Sony sold 4.5 million PlayStation 5 consoles, which was the best-ever quarter for the system. So far, this all points to the fact that Sony is confident that it will be able to get more PlayStation 5s into stores, which could make it easier for you to acquire one.

PS5s Could Be Easier To Find This Year

The prevailing perception of supply concerns is less favorable, with some in the technology industry believing shortages could last until 2024, despite Sony’s cautious optimism. According to The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo recently stated that the prolonged chip scarcity has “no end in sight” for the video gaming industry. Nintendo expects to sell 21 million Switch consoles in the current fiscal year, decreasing from 23 million in the year that concluded on March 31, 2022, according to the company’s projections.

In an earnings briefing translated by VGC, Sony CFO Hikori Totoki remarked that the company feels “quite comfortable” about meeting this goal, hinting that the projection is conservative after all. However, he said that demand may still outpace supply at this point.


During FY22, Totoki estimates that he would be able to procure enough parts and components for around 18 million units of production. In our opinion, we’re still a little short of the demand, so if the question is whether or not we can satisfy it, I think we’re still short.

According to Totoki, the PS5 stock remains “extremely low,” and Sony had originally anticipated having sold 22.6 million PS5 devices by this point in the console’s existence. Component shortages have forced the corporation to lower its production target. Since its November 2020 launch, Sony has sold over 19 million PS5 consoles.

Despite the PS5’s limited supply, the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consistently outsell it in the US in terms of units sold and cash generated. For whatever reason, it’s far easier to find an Xbox or a Nintendo Switch than it is to find an Xbox. Despite Sony’s optimistic sales projections for the current fiscal year, you shouldn’t count on being able to walk into a store and buy a PS5 anytime soon.

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