Star Wars KOTOR Remake to Be Developed by Saber Interactive

Star Wars KOTOR Remake to Be Developed by Saber Interactive

Star Wars KOTOR Remake: To work on the upcoming Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic reboot, Evil Dead creator Saber Interactive has teamed up with Aspyr.

According to Matthew Karch, a board member of the Embracer Group, a “huge project” is now being developed by Aspyr and Saber Interactive.

“Aspyr has devoted all of its resources to making this the best game possible. When we bought Aspyr, we understood from the beginning that they would need our help [and] Saber has incredible competence in generating these kinds of goods, so we were able to help them out “he stated.

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“We’re confident in the game’s quality, but it’s a large undertaking that will take a significant amount of time and effort to complete. As he added, “particularly when you’re talking about an ancient game, we had to virtually remake that game from scratch,” before assuring us that we’d hear more about the game “in the next several months,” he said “As a matter of fact,.

It’s not clear when we might expect to learn more about the KOTOR remake, but we can speculate that it will debut during Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest, which takes place on June 9th.

According to a recent statement from Aspyr, the company expects that this remake would bring in new players while also satisfying the cravings of the series’ ardent devotees.

Since its announcement last year, Aspyr’s lead producer Ryan Treadwell has written that “we’ve worked closely with Lucasfilm Games on classic Star Wars games and that experience has instilled in our team a deep love and respect for these timeless titles as well as a unique perspective on how to carry them forward into the modern age.”


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