ARMA Reforger Officially Revealed and Will Pave the Way for ARMA 4

ARMA Reforger Officially Revealed and Will Pave the Way for ARMA 4

ARMA Reforger: It’s official: ARMA Reforger has been unveiled, making room for ARMA 4, the upcoming military simulation game. Livestreamed yesterday, Bohemia Interactive revealed ARMA Reforger as the latest chapter in the popular military shooter franchise.

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A leaked paper on the game, followed by an ESRB rating, suggests that the game’s existence isn’t a complete surprise. It wasn’t all bad news for Bohemia Interactive.

While ARMA 4 was confirmed to be coming, most of the developer’s time was spent on ARMA Reforger. As CEO Marek Spanel points out, “the breadth is beyond anything we have ever tackled,” he then goes on to describe his vision for the recently announced game. Developers consider Reforger as a platform for the future as well as a “essential and exciting milestone” in the development of ARMA 4.

Arma Reforger is just a taste of what ARMA 4 players may look forward to. There are some similarities between this and the series’ fourth installment, which will be released in 2017. At 51 square kilometers in size, the island of Everon serves as the setting for this sequel to the original Cold War-era game, ARMA: Cold War Assault.

When it comes to asking for feedback from players, Bohemia Interactive isn’t sitting around doing anything. ARMA Reforger is currently available in Early Access on Steam and Xbox Game Preview for $29.99 / £24.99.


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