Dying Light 2 story DLC is delayed

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Dying Light 2 story DLC is delayed: Techland has reported its impending story DLC for Dying Light 2 has been deferred.

“Throughout recent months, we have zeroed in on adding a portion of your most mentioned highlights, like New Game + mode, FOV slider for consoles, and numerous center upgrades,” the engineer composed today. “What’s more, in June, we will present the first game Chapter named ‘In quite a while of a Nightrunner,’ loaded up with content and occasions, as well as the profoundly expected photograph mode.

“That being said, we want a smidgen additional opportunity to foster the primary story DLC, which is presently intended to be delivered in September.”

Techland proceeds to apologize for the deferral however certifies that this is overall a good thing.

“We believe the primary significant story DLC should measure up to your assumptions by providing it with without a doubt the most elevated level of clean,” it expressed.

Recently, Techland shared a touch more about what fans can anticipate from its forthcoming DLC for Dying Light 2.

The game’s lead planner, Tymon Smektała, affirmed the first of the story-based DLCs will run “lined up with the primary story”, and it tends to be begun “just after Aiden shows up in The City”.

In the meantime, the first Dying Light game of late accepted its own new DLC: Dieselpunk. Here, players will travel once more into the past and find “authentic Volkan Machines gear made for top-notch warriors” in Haran.

This DLC likewise accompanies new stuff, most outstandingly a trimming tool known as the ‘Stomach Render’ and a serrated sword known as the ‘Tissue Ripper’. With these two weapons in your arsenal, you will before long be cutting and dicing your direction through those zombie accumulates in a breeze.

Alongside this new satisfaction, all proprietors of Dying Light got a free move up to the Enhanced Edition because of the game’s freshest fix

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