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Sometimes it seems like the PR teams of many publishers don’t understand at all that the games industry is not some short-term fad and that by deceiving users for the sake of fleeting profits, they guarantee themselves serious problems in the future. Warner Bros. promised not to allow the hell that happened to the PC version of Arkham Knight to happen again, but who will believe them now until concrete evidence appears? Moreover, I don’t really want to believe, it because the publisher demonstrates with all his actions that gamers are the last thing he cares about and that if he refuses some shameful tactics, then only when they work very badly.

Take at least the DLC. Okay, Harley Quinn and Red Hood missions, the brevity of these free pre-order bonuses was understandable. But the Batgirl DLC is easily completed in an hour and by no means deserves the right to be called a full story, albeit a short one.

Do you know what the supplement consists of? The Joker and Harley take several cops, led by Gordon, hostage (how original!). Batgirl and Robin arrive to the rescue at an amusement park cut off from the city. Then Batgirl takes turns visiting three attractions with hostages, and after each successful release, she reunites with Robin for a cooperative massacre, in the last of which not only the crowds of mercenaries have to be beaten, but Harley and the Joker themselves.

Actually, this is almost everything. There is really no plot and screensavers, minus a simple plot and no less obvious denouement. Although there are differences between Batgirl and Batman, they change almost nothing: she can hack individual interactive objects, she does not have half of the gadgets (which makes the combat much more monotonous … Well, if you are one of those who used gadgets in battle), and in her the hook does not have a built-in function for switching to accelerated flight – only hovering, only “hardcore” from the times of the first part of the series.

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“But wait! someone will remember. “Didn’t the press release promise side missions?” Promised. And the PR department can’t even be accused of lying. In a deceptive and vague wording – yes, but this is not a matter of jurisdiction, alas.

You see… there are balloons scattered all over the map, classic toy jaws of the Joker and Harley from a snuffbox are scattered. And if you wish, you can spend 10-20 minutes to find and dismantle them all. Here’s the “side quest” for you. Well, okay, there are also four small attractions a minute or two long, the passage of which allows you to learn the history of the park – apparently, they should be responsible for both the “side tasks” and “secrets” items at once …

With all this, you need to understand: the DLC is played perfectly. No Batmobile, just focusing on the best the franchise has to offer: puzzles, stealth (now with a touch of hacking!) and brawls (with a fair amount of emphasis on Knight’s great innovation – duos). The only problem is the frankly short duration. The only one, but serious. Not even because for this DLC, unlike the past, they require money (and relatively considerable), but because the plot component has always been important for this series. And in Batgirl’s dwarf adventure, a good story simply didn’t fit. It’s a shame.

It would be better if the authors made all the planned additions part of one big twisted story, divided into chapters. Their mini-stories are not so hot.

PS Don’t pay attention to the medal – it belongs to the game itself, not to the add-on.


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