Zombie Vikings

Zombie Vikings

Zombie Vikings

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Developers from the Swedish company Zoink Games know for sure that you need to love your business, even if in a specific manner. And preferably, so openly that the player now and then thought: are you, gentlemen, shamelessly enjoying the process too much? We say this not in reproach, not at all; simply, hand on heart, we honestly admit: you rarely see such a amount of banter over yourself. Moreover, the concept of “by itself” includes many positions. This is also a plot that does not hide from the very beginning that the eye stolen by the prankster Loki from Odin must be returned not for the sake of Universal Balance, but simply because being blind is … inconvenient; this is also a stone in the garden of equipment of characters with items like “Stone Rune. Doesn’t do anything. At all”; these are moderately vulgar jokes about our modernity, be it fast food, social networks, fluffy cats or something else not too strongly associated with Valhalla. In a word, if all the local absurdity, generously flavored with a bucket of black, sometimes charmingly disgusting humor, does not make you laugh, then a couple of times during the game evening you will definitely smile.


In fact, the game is a straightforward 2D action game that impresses with its stylish visuals and the ability to share the joy of slashing enemies right and left with up to three friends in cooperative mode. 4 players – 4 characters to choose from (plus a couple can be bought separately, and one more – Raz from the “Psychonauts” – the authors added for free as part of Psychonauts 2 PR). Not to say that the characters are diverse: only the special attacks of each of the brave representatives of the undead and the weapons that you acquire for the collected coins as you progress through the game differ. A single-player mode is also present, but it pleases expectedly weaker than multiplayer. For the most part, the game is a bright but thoughtless slasher, albeit diluted in places with chases or trifling riddles, and it can easily get bored with the monotonous sword-swinging over time. Truth,

If the player does not find comedian Zack Weinersmith’s joking script witty enough, and the feeling of disgust for what is happening on the screen exceeds the norm, then it will be simply blasphemous of him to disagree that the game was lucky with the soundtrack. The compositions so successfully emphasize the eccentric dark atmosphere of the game that it is worth turning off the speakers, as a good share of the game’s charm will inexplicably disappear.

So yes, this is a very worthy and in a good way frivolous entertainment for a free evening (or a couple of evenings). But it is desirable to indulge in it in the company of friends loyal to Odin.

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