Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3


An ordinary guy named Rico Rodriguez used to break the laws: the laws of states, the laws of morality, the laws of physics. Stand in full growth on the roof of a flying fighter? Regularly! Falling from a kilometer height without using a parachute, and not even getting your pants dirty when landing? But how! Attach the Moon to the Earth with a thin cable, and then pull it? Stop, this has not happened yet, but everything that happens on the screen is moving towards a similar trick, and in much larger steps than, say, in Fast and the Furious. Rico has long surpassed Vin Diesel, for he has chaos in one hand and madness in the other, and he will never stop using them.

Also, Rico does a great job. He travels to hot countries, drinks cocktails, hangs out, and in between, overthrows the local bloody regimes by shedding even more blood. Controversial, but who cares?

After overthrowing the dictator in the beautiful country of Panau, Rico takes a vacation and goes home to the country of the Medici. Vacation must be put in quotation marks, because the homeland is also captured by another military usurper in orders, whose profile suspiciously resembles one long-serving president you know. However, the face also resembles, but a completely different dictator. Can we conclude that we have a collective image? Yes, it is quite. The villain Di Ravello is such a typical Latin American El Presidente that he even goes to bed in military uniform, and all day long he does nothing but build military bases, shoot down the opposition and cherish dreams of world domination.

Di Ravello’s dreams, by the way, are not so fantastic. His lovely Medici country has a unique natural resource – Bavaria. The resource is suitable for almost the entire military – both for making bombs and for creating protective fields around equipment. Perhaps the Medici at the time of the arrival of Rico Rodriguez is the most advanced state in the military sphere. So, it will be fun to organize a revolution.

You will do exactly the same thing as in Just Cause 2: shoot people, break vehicles, destroy communications, power plants, reservoirs, because without water and energy the population of the country will surely live much easier and in general citizens will become much happier. We arrived in the city, broke everything that was painted red, shot everyone in the police station, hung a flag on the main building – that’s it, the city is yours. We arrived at a military base, broke everything that was painted red – that’s it, the base is yours. Of course, the authors threw a bit of variety into this simple gameplay: for example, to get to some objects at military bases or capture a police station in a city, you need to press buttons. But this does not change the essence – break everything that is red, to spite the dictator.

Here the creators deliberately simplified the task for the players. The first thing they changed was the removal of several hundred small settlements that had to be cleared in JC2. Instead, several dozen large cities are scattered around the Medici, which are precisely cities, and not conditional settlements for two buildings and three inhabitants. The second change in the direction of simplification is the rejection of an independent search for objects of destruction, now they are all highlighted on the map in advance. In Just Cause 2, you could spend a month looking for a small inconspicuous transformer, hidden somewhere in the yards and covered with bushes. Now, as they write to you what exactly you must destroy, they show you where it is, saving your nerve cells.

True, a small problem may arise with the second point of simplifications, because you will constantly have to go into the PDA and check where the authors hid the next tower to be demolished. And all because there is no longer any interface on the screen: no health, no weapons, no minimap. By the way, in addition to the health bar, first-aid kits also remained in the past. Rico was already almost a god, who literally flew on atomic rockets, and now he has also begun to regenerate.

By the way, about flights. Movement around Panau in the previous game was not dynamic. On the ground it was easy to move – long distances were overcome by pulling up on the “cat”, but in the air you had to fly on a very slow parachute. As Sherlock Holmes would say: “Soooooooo!” Therefore, Rico was taught to fly faster with the help of a wingsuit built into his clothes. A step from a cliff – and fly at least ten kilometers, not forgetting to secure and accelerate yourself with the help of the same “cat”.

Because of such a fast movement, the local map seems small. It already consists of a third of water, and in addition, you will move along it almost instantly. In addition, there are no more hidden chests in the new part, which means that you don’t need to slow down every hundred meters either. Gathering, of course, has not gone away, but its scale is rather modest. All objects can be found and collected in about five hours, and even then you will find half of the collectibles in the same place where the main action takes place – in cities and military bases.

But in all other respects, the content has clearly been added. Since there are no more chests with parts, then upgrades for weapons will have to be obtained in a different way – by completing a huge number of various missions for a while. Driving, flying, destruction, and with a dozen variations of each mode. In order to collect all the modification parts and buy all the upgrades, you need to become a master in each such mission, so not everyone will be able to pump to the maximum.

But the game has a fun challenge system. Any action you perform is recorded in the world statistics, other players (usually your friends on the platform) see your progress on the screen and are practically forced to try to beat your record in stunt and lethality.

And now let’s move on to what should be in every big sandbox – the plot. If the previous game consisted mainly of missions from three independent factions, and the narrative consisted of a ridiculous number of missions, now all missions are in one long storyline for nine to ten hours of playthrough, not counting interruptions to cause damage to the Medici infrastructure. The plot cannot be called unique, rich, interesting, etc. It has become long, but is still needed only to keep you occupied in between destruction and shooting at possibly innocent soldiers.

In addition, the game regularly generates random tasks. You are flying, it means, on a wingsuit, and a limousine appears on the road under you, you need to steal it and drown some especially important person in it. In the interests of the revolution, of course. Or here is a convoy carrying loyal soldiers of the resistance, passing by, it also needs to be dealt with. The most glorious thing is helping beautiful ladies fill up the car. Although Rico is a superhero, he does not keep a can of fuel with him, so the Mademoiselles’ car has to be transported to a gas station. In Just Cause 2, this was easier: hitch two cars with a cable and roll behind you. In the current game, it will be possible to do otherwise, because now Rico’s cable can be remotely reeled in. They hitched the car to the pole, wound the cable – and the car was attracted, becoming closer to the column. Of course, by the time when you take her to the place in this way, only wheels and a burning body can remain from the vehicle, but the girl will still be grateful to you. And rightly so: it’s much more fun than with a conventional tugboat.

As you can see, the authors still have everything in order with humor. For example, one of the missions frankly parodies the “Game of Thrones” with a characteristic battle for the Wall. And when military bases are captured, a hilarious mockery of the classic propaganda techniques begins: the radio host (sitting in the basement and constantly beaten by government troops) regularly comes up with reasons why, in the opinion of the Medici government, this or that military facility was destroyed by you: “Here, a park should be built That’s why they demolished the air base, I’m telling you for sure.

The game became more dynamic, more pleasant, funnier, and even QTEs were put up against the wall when capturing vehicles and fairly shot. The authors, in fact, only corrected what they did not have time to finish in the previous game: they removed everything boring, leaving the fastest and brightest. They didn’t even have to change the graphics much, because in the previous game it was a miracle how good it was. But still, in the next part, I would like more emphasis on shooting, since it still looks too arcade. On the other hand, this can easily be attributed to the author’s intent, which should not be changed in order to avoid breaking its environment. And here, by the way, everything is very fragile.

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