Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon

Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer

And finally it happened! On the nineteenth of January, our world became a little darker and scarier. But it is unlikely that anyone was upset because of this, because we are talking about an exceptionally positive event – the exit from Early Access of the Darkest Dungeon game.

For those who somehow overlooked this creation while it was in early access, let’s briefly explain: Darkest Dungeon is a hardcore RPG, made in a dark gothic style and with gameplay that does not forgive mistakes. The leitmotif of the game is the hardships of the adventurer’s life, such as insidious traps or bloodthirsty monsters, but the creators have gone further by adding a psychological aspect: your characters are quite cheerfully going crazy, if not dying of a heart attack. This is in short.

From the very beginning, instead of a greeting, Darkest Dungeon warns and challenges at the same time: “This is a game about how to get the most out of the worst situations. Quests will fail. Sometimes you have to run in disgrace. Heroes will die, and they will not be resurrected … But there will always be fresh souls who are ready to risk their lives for the sake of wealth and glory. And, take them all darkness, they are not joking! Even during training, losing your characters is a matter of a couple of unsuccessful rounds. And as soon as you think that you are used to and ready for anything, as some boss with a couple of critical hits immediately puts you in your place.

There is a plot in the game, but rather for show: an ancestor who desired forbidden knowledge and power digs up ancient halls and performs dark rituals, awakening dormant evil from other worlds. As a result, such a thing breaks out into the world that even in nightmares it will not be dreamed of. With the last of his strength, the ancestor writes a letter to you, his only heir, urging you to correct the mistakes he made, and commits suicide. However, your immersion in the gloomy atmosphere of devastation and the approaching chaos is greatly helped by the announcer, for whom the creators of the game are clearly entitled to a prize, and maybe more than one. From the very first of his well-aimed phrases, you will feel goosebumps running down your back, for: “Now darkness rules here, black as death itself.”

But the main thing in Darkest Dungeon is the gameplay, which is actually divided into two parts. The first is strategic, where you rebuild the devastated city that you inherited, recruit heroes, equip them with equipment and choose a mission. The second is a randomly generated turn-based dungeon. It consists of rooms connected by passages of separate segments, each of which can be empty, or can contain enemies, a trap or an object for interaction. You go down there with a detachment of four heroes (the only exception is the tutorial), which you select in advance. And this is where the difficulties begin: the characters of different classes differ greatly in their roles and abilities, but the key detail is the position.

For example, the vestal at the back is the strongest healer in the game, having both powerful point healing and mass healing. And it is worth putting her in front and changing the set of spells, as she already becomes a fighter, lowering the characteristics of the enemy, but not able to heal. This has a downside – if the enemy breaks your formation, and you are not ready, then you become easy prey while you try to restore order. And this is just one of the many little things in the game that you will have to get used to, which you will use, which will annoy you and which will make you want to play more. Do you like risk and gold? Put out the torch – and your enemies will become stronger, but the production will increase many times over, so much so that you can’t drag everything away. Do you want to destroy evil spirits right and left? You have a huge arsenal of talismans at your disposal, allowing to improve certain characteristics of the heroes, sacrificing the rest. Do you dream of creating a superman? Even in this, the game will help you – during the campaigns through the dungeons, the characters from time to time appear “hops”. These can be negative, like claustrophobia, fear of the undead or beasts, or they can be positive, increasing health or disease resistance. The former can be treated, and the latter, as you might guess, should be fixed, making them permanent. that increase health or disease resistance. The former can be treated, and the latter, as you might guess, should be fixed, making them permanent. that increase health or disease resistance. The former can be treated, and the latter, as you might guess, should be fixed, making them permanent.

In conclusion, I would like to say that Darkest Dungeon stands out against the background of modern games not only with an unusual genre, but also with the desire to force the player to find personal approaches to almost every aspect of it. Awaken in him both a creative and a strategic vein, make him think ahead and foresee even the worst outcomes. And, of course, do not retreat in the face of difficulties, of which, believe me, there are many.


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