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Warzone Season 3 : Map Change for Caldera

Warzone Season 3: Classified Arms and the discoveries of Godzilla and King Kong have brought new map improvements to Warzone Season 3. Dig Site Point of Interest, where the bones of prior Kongs and Godzillas have been excavated in Call of Duty Warzone, will be available for you to battle in Also included in Warzone Season 3 are some new Warzone POI upgrades, as well as a new Gulag map on which to battle to the death and reclaim your rightful place on Caldera.

New Caldera Dig Site location.

Caldera has a new POI called Dig Site to honor the presence of Godzilla and King Kong in Warzone Season 3’s biggest battles. Fossils of Godzilla and Kong have been unearthed on the Pacific island thanks to two enormous excavators.

These enormous monster bones, tents, and excavators provide plenty of scattered shelter across this area. Additionally, you can use some ladders to ascend the two excavators and gain access to some additional goodies, as well as a better view of the Dig Site. This POI may be found between two other POIs: Mines and Ruins, in the northwest portion of the map.

New Hold Gulag in Warzone Season 3.

New Hold Gulag in Warzone Season 3

Warzone Season 3 also includes a new Gulag terrain for one-on-one combat in Caldera. Both teams will be playing on an equal playing field because of the symmetrical layout, which has a combination of narrow passageways and wide-open areas. Keep in mind that Hold’s map topology follows the three-lane pattern of most arena maps, so you’ll have a variety of options for charging through, hiding, or locking down.

Warzone Season 3 Caldera POI changes

With the Warzone Season 3 launch update, several of Caldera’s previous POIs have received a new look as well. There are massive concrete stronghold buildings in Peak’s core volcano area that have been restored to make the area more accessible. Cables are plentiful in and around the mountain’s fortress, allowing for greater verticality and variation in fighting.

New triangular sections of tarmac have been added to the northeastern area of the map, which features a lot of tents and supplies in the middle. More trees have been cut down to make space for additional barracks, hangars, and towers in the region. Due to the lack of vegetation, the areas between these structures are more open, which makes it easier to attack from new angles, hide in, and scavenge for supplies and loot.

Finally, a retreating tide has uncovered a sandbank that has extended Lagoon, which is located on the west side of Caldera. The sandbank provides a fresh natural entry point to the Lagoon region, but it also features a small cliff that makes it difficult to escape. Keep an eye out for extra stuff washed up on the newly exposed land, and use the boulders and wreckage as cover. In addition, be on the lookout for the new Warzone Sabotage contract in Caldera.

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