Quantum Break

Quantum Break

Quantum Break

quantum bummer

It seems that in our ranks replenishment is an attraction of unprecedented curvature. A new bastard, born in the agony of porting and optimized in suffering. He, premature, is destined to bring a lot of pain into your life, unless, of course, you are one of those three happy Xbox One owners in Russia. And on this platform, no one can guarantee you 100% immunity from pain.

It’s a shame that it’s almost impossible to play a potentially wonderful and high-quality game without feeling like some kind of leper in the oven. After all, Remedy honestly made a damn high-quality fantasy action movie, and then someone completely broke everything for them. There is a suspicion that the game was hurriedly transferred to Windows 10, without conducting any tests and bypassing the process of at least some optimization. It is clear that everyone who is not lazy is doing this, but this does not make Microsoft’s negligence excusable. Mainly because even in such painfully slow-down conditions, without any conveniences and comfort, one can understand that an extremely well-written and pleasing third-person game in terms of shooting has turned out. This is our ugly duckling.

It is felt that Sam Lake has long wanted to make his own television series, but there was nowhere to turn around. Yes, and the Finns, apparently, realized that the story of the writer Wake turned out to be boring and tightened, and therefore decided to return to the more familiar five-hour narrative format. Well, so that no one complains about the timing, they decided to entertain buyers with a relatively non-linear serial component, depending on the events in the game.

The series itself consists of full-length 25-minute episodes and tells about the events taking place in parallel with the main plot, logically supplementing it. Here you have drama, intrigue, and even a surprisingly well-staged (for nothing budget) action. At the same time, based on the adventures of Liam Burke, the main find of the series, you can make a whole separate game – no less interesting. Hell, he’s less than five minutes Max Payne, if the latter could fight in close combat no worse than Jack Bauer. At first glance, it may seem that these mini-episodes are purely filler, and skipping them will not affect anything. However, this opinion is extremely erroneous – the information from there is just as important for the plot as the main content of Quantum Break.

Plus, finally, we had a normally implemented scenario in our hands. Filled with little things, well delivered, without holes and gaps in the narrative, as some people at Ubisoft like to do. Here it is, the truth, right under your nose – sometimes two or three skillfully inserted sentences are enough to give integrity to what is happening and make the narrative interesting. As a story for comparison, another “serial” shooter suggests itself – Battlefield: Hardline – another example of a normally staged plot, the development of which was even more interesting to watch than to participate in intermediate shootouts with a touch of stealth.

However, there is no need to fight quietly here: mochilovo with the smashing of everything and everyone to smithereens is perhaps the only possible tactic. The diversity here is not mountains at all: four or five different classes of villains in overalls, less than a dozen trunks and heels of superpowers. Modest and restrained, yes, but pleasant, interesting and well-used.

Quantum Break turned out to be an excellent, even beautiful game, completely broken at the start and unsuitable in this form for most PC gamers to use. But when the lion’s share of ailments is corrected, the game will become mandatory for review as one of the best works in the science fiction genre about time travel. Quantum Break is understandable to an inexperienced viewer, able to intrigue him and keep him in a slight suspense until the very end. Hollywood cast of movie-series actors only helps to immerse in the essence, although many of you will already know from the very beginning who is who and what they are doing here.

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