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Journey: Thatgamecompany is a fairly young studio that has three unique games under its belt, when trying to describe which in a nutshell it comes out something like: “Beautiful and mysterious …” FlOw suggested that we evolve from single-celled organisms to more complex organisms. In Flower, we played the role of the wind, pollinating the flowers. But today we will talk about the third, most famous game of the studio – Journey.

The world of Journey is a lifeless desert, beautiful in its solitude. Do not expect that they will explain or suggest something to you, especially since it will not be difficult to master the simple mechanics of two buttons on your own. Then the path will begin to the nameless mountain, the only landmark in the desert.

The game is divided into locations-levels, each of which is individual, and it is difficult to confuse them with each other. We will visit a city sunken in the sands, a dark cave and even a real sea of ​​sand. For those who like to explore the levels, there is a task that consists in collecting scarves and looking for two Easter eggs hinting at past studio projects. For those who discover all the secrets, there is a separate reward – a white cloak.

But don’t expect difficult puzzles and impassable places from Journey. First of all, it is a game-meditation, a game-picture. The journey will take the player one to one and a half hours, no more. Time for which you can relax and plunge into the mysterious desert world. Everything works for the atmosphere – relaxing music, beautiful graphics, and even the fact that the game does not differ in length. The levels are varied, you won’t get tired of them.

Even in such a small game, the authors have implemented a network function. Along the way, you will meet other players. There is no chat here, communication is carried out through one button. With it, you can attract the attention of a friend, sit down and meditate with him. You can go through a difficult path with a partner or, without paying any attention to it, move on alone.

Any game in its deepest foundation is a journey from point A to point B. It is in Journey that this foundation is implemented one hundred percent. And in it, with the naked eye, some religious motives associated with the resurrection are visible.

In a time of global commercialization of the gaming industry, microtransactions, pre-orders and season passes, Journey is a piece product with its own personality and unique features.

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