We are the Dwarves

We are the Dwarves

We are the Dwarves

Gravity is heartless

The human brain is incapable of grasping the cosmos—its distances, its matter, perhaps even its essence. But imagine that you are a gnome who spends his whole life underground. What will space be for you in this case? Perhaps the blackness of unexplored caves and the distant vaults above your head are also outer space, only for a short underground inhabitant? After all, why not?

But since the cave in the world of We are the Dwarves is the black expanses of space, dwarven explorers must be at least astronauts. Bearded conquerors of space are sent on a “space” ship through the earth to find the Stars – magical stones that would bring life back to their home. Their ship is unusual, to match the space: it not only drills the earth, but also digs in all the passages behind it, so as not to accidentally flood the homeland if it stumbles upon underground currents. However, even high technology does not save his heroes from a gravitational anomaly: a unique ship crashes, most of the crew perishes. Only three survive, our stocky heroes.

Each dwarf is a personality, a class, and generally a recognizable guy. One carries a shotgun, the second prefers to wield axes in close combat, and the third likes to hide in the shadows, quietly sneak up and deliver a deadly backstab. Because of the crash, they were scattered around the world, so at first the trinity has to go towards each other from different directions. But when they get together… things get even more complicated, as the world around them is too harsh even for a team of astronauts.

We are the Dwarves is a merciless game that does not tolerate delays and mistakes. The shooter must always remember that the recoil from the shotgun will throw him back and easily throw him off a cliff. The master of stealth makes a too sharp movement – and now a couple of soldiers are running towards him, killing in one incomplete second. As for the melee dwarf, he has a slightly better chance, but only if the enemy does not prefer to shoot and run. In this case, even a berserker will die a heroic death, and faster than he can shout a curse at the offender.

Death and level resets go hand in hand here. Sometimes everything goes more or less smoothly, but more often than not, some kind of stupidity happens (we took a step more than planned) or suddenness (a tentacle grew out of the ground and ate a bearded hero) – and the ideal plan fails before it even starts.

Well, what did you want? Here you are not in Diablo 3 with checkpoints and co-op, there is nowhere to wait for help, and meanwhile the enemy is really dangerous. He has a full set of senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch. In each species, and there are quite a few of them, feelings work differently. Someone sees better, someone hears better, and someone has such a highly developed sense of touch that it is as if eyes appear on the back of the head. In addition, adversaries know how to shout, talk, raise the alarm and do many other unpleasant things that significantly complicate your short life.

The attention of the player is welcome, but it is even better to know all the abilities of your character. Someone is good at distracting the enemy, someone can create force fields that absorb damage, and someone can teleport. When enemies run from all over the map, even this does not save, but thoughtful decisive actions, dancing on the keys with skills, an active pause, health replenishment points and save points, they are also ability upgrade points, help prevent this.

Leveling is not free, you have to look under all the stones in search of rare resources and spend them sparingly, because each dwarf has his own skills and his own development tree. At the same time, some abilities are rather selfish, and some are sharpened for altruism and helping one’s neighbors.

Resources, in addition to constant gain, can give a “poultice for the dead” – a shield in armor that disappears almost faster than normal life. It has only one benefit: the more whole divisions it has, the more ability enhancers a dwarf has. Alas, it is necessary to repair here almost after every fight, if, of course, there is something left to repair and for what chishi.

As you progress, the authors, as if by chance, make adjustments and variety to the already difficult gameplay. Either they will throw a battle with the boss, or they will force you to fly in space without gravity and accelerate due to shooting in the opposite direction. Figured out how to deal with one enemy? Here’s another one for you. Did you bite him too? Here’s a combination of both, and even in the middle of a swamp, where you can instantly disappear due to a careless step into the swamp.

After such a game, it is difficult to love, but it is for this that it is worth loving. We are the Dwarves doesn’t make concessions or go after a mass audience, purposefully working for fans of complex, fast tactics. No turn-based combat, no second chances. If you quickly master the first chapter, you can call yourself an expert. However, there is a suspicion that already at the second level you will go for a fresh batch of bandages and plasters – to bandage your head, broken on the keyboard after another defeat.



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