Kingdom Wars 2: Battles

Kingdom Wars 2

Kingdom Wars 2: Battles

Let the sequel revive the dead

Creating something really new, large-scale, and memorable is not easy even for those who already have a number of landmark projects under their belt. For example, Reverie World Studios, whose employees once worked on Age of Empires 2, once decided to build a real-time strategy game that would also be an MMO to the heap. And not just in her head: the studio released it. Yes, only few people accepted her idea. Bugs, outdated graphics, and lack of an interesting goal did not contribute to the popularity even though the game was distributed for free. Then the studio changed its approach and released a sequel – with a single-player campaign, scenarios, an optional online part, and a price tag.

The plot again tells about three races that cannot calm down and stop fighting. The elves are nearly annihilated, the humans are nearly annihilated, and even the cockroach-breeding orcs will soon have no one to mate with. The world is already on the verge of death, and here, in addition, a new misfortune appears: the dead are bored with lying on the fields of past battles, they jumped up from their seats and began to attack those who were still breathing. But even this did not become a reason for the three races to unite and look for ways to peace – rather, it became a reason to kill each other even more fiercely and reliably, by chopping off heads and burning bodies.

A zombie apocalypse in a fantasy world is a common thing, but this time no one will let you play for the dead. You will have to use standard races with their own systems of economy and production of units. Orcs are quickly created, they cost little, but in order to make them soldiers who do not die in the first second of a fight, they first have to be retrained and fed. People are forced to constantly rush in search of resources: look for stone and gold mines, breed and slaughter livestock, look for bushes with berries. Only in this way can they go from half-dead peasants with pitchforks to two-meter knights in armor and turn their villages into impregnable fortresses. In terms of resources, elves are the easiest, because they don’t need anything: deer produce meat, which “generate” food themselves, unicorns carry gold, spirits carry wood, and the rest grows near trees – the only type of buildings,

The bases develop and become overgrown with walls, the walls are overgrown with defensive structures and towers, and the army accumulates and becomes brutal. After battles involving fire and hundreds of soldiers, the commander’s heart will rejoice in a meadow flooded with blood, filled with meat and flame. Here it is, the essence of Kingdom Wars 2: Battles. Not a single corpse, no matter how many thousands of soldiers are killed, will never disappear from the battlefield. Moreover, the dead and broken equipment can be turned into gold by sending workers to loot. Looks like beauty…

That’s just there is one small “but” associated with the graphic embodiment of all this beauty. The new part of Kingdom Wars in terms of visualization is no different from the first, which at the time of release was not similar to a modern strategy. This, of course, is far from Warcraft III, but the visual did not go far from the Battle for Middle-Earth of 2004. Demanding more from indies is somehow not accepted, but potential players should prepare in advance.

And if the graphics from the first part did not move forward, then the authors decided to change themselves. MMORTS was cool, innovative, and unique because even on mobile phones this genre, if it is found, is in misery, and handicrafts sharpened for every second donation. The first part had a lot of rough edges, but instead of bringing the concept to perfection in the sequel, Reverie World Studios decided to abandon most of their ideas. Now the network part is far from in the first place. There is a campaign in which the same levels are repeated during the development of the plot, there are single-player battles, which include both scenarios and survival among waves of enemies, there is multiplayer, traditional in every sense, with the same modes and co-op support. For each successful battle, the player is gifted with certain consumable items, so that he can upgrade his technology trees and advance in the ranking table. From the first part, only a couple of elements remained: a general chat and guilds, which did not even change the interface.

That is, the authors did not even make the second part of their MMORTS, they made the traditional RTS based on the game, which was not very successful. It still looks bad, it has naughty controls, a lousy Russian translation, and an extremely small number of maps. Everything comes out on bright differences of races, bloody battles, and co-op (if you have the right like-minded person). Only fans of old-time strategies, who have seen in their lifetime critical bugs, and small strategic scale, and an acute shortage of content, will be able to appreciate this “sequel”. Apparently, the talent of the authors is not enough for more, and here it really becomes a pity. Their ideas would be in good hands.


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