Forced showdown

Forced showdown

Forced showdown

Gods of the Arena

Having created a good role-playing action called Forced, the BetaDwarf studio did not make a second part for it. And why, if you can take the same gameplay and build an even more dynamic game out of it, full of randomness and humor? Instead of Forced 2, Forced Showdown was born – a game not about the plot, but about the arena.

Your chosen character is thrown into a fantasy TV show about survival games. Television cameras are flying around, the audience is chanting, the presenter pathetically announces that the upcoming spectacle will be worth the money spent on it. Thousands of tests! Thousands of enemies! Thousands of arenas! Everything is to the delight of the crowd, thirsty for pixel blood and spectacles.

In fact, Forced Showdown is not just arenas, but arenas that are generated according to the “bagel” principle: a completely random place, random scenery, random enemies, random conditions and random bonuses. Getting to a new level, you never know who and where you will fight against. Even the number and strength of the enemy are not reported to you in advance. All that is known is the boss, who will close the chain of eight random arenas.

The boss, by the way, also does not chill on the sidelines while you go through all the levels. Every few seconds, he literally bombards you with new enemies and traps, bringing additional confusion to the battlefield and complicating seemingly simple tests. On the side of the player, there are only his skills and a deck of cards, which gives a lot of nice bonuses during the battle: from increasing attack speed or damage to additional soldiers in service.

In general, it would be quite simple to go through the chains of levels, if not for one “but” – the game is never saved in any way, even after the bosses. Think about it: six chains of eight arenas and a boss – you must complete them all in one try. In terms of duration, however, it will take you no more time than one playthrough of some The Binding of Isaac. Two minutes into the arena is the maximum, and under the right set of circumstances, a good minion can completely kill enemies before you reach them. Such dynamics are exciting, but you should not rush too much – the local random can be very dangerous.

However, even if you lose, you should not hang your nose: the game will still find something to encourage. Successes are counted even if you lose, the game currency is accumulated to buy new cards, and the menu opens up more and more new character classes and various minions to choose from. Once you get your hands on it, Forced Showdown will open up other Shows with different arenas, and there is enough content in the game to make the levels encountered even after the fortieth passage seem similar, but not identical, to those that came across before.

Still, Forced Showdown isn’t for those who enjoy clearing dungeons in Diablo and Victor Vran. The game is designed for a lightning-fast passage, in which there is no meaning or plot. This is a typical “bagel” that performs the function of a time killer. And he succeeds in this role.


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